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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best new urban fantasy.

I'm really behind on my blogroll. Bloglines had to email me and explain that they were going away. Sad news! I liked having all my Blogger sites in one place.

But my friend Jeremy posted his newest book cover. Crossed will be my favorite 2011 book in UF, hands down. I know this because Staked and ReVamped were my UF faves. I thought Staked was the best debut novel too. EVER.

I like wit. I love it when someone can mix wit, humor, and great story. And excellent writing.
And pacing that won't let me stop reading! Have I mentioned that I love the voice yet?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

AZ summary: 2010

This used to be in the sidebar. I think I'll update my summary annually.

* During 2005-2007, I proofread for author Steven Brust. Then I copy edited his collaboration _A Pair of Bullets_ during 2007, which was briefly online (starting 5-Sept-2008).

* I became the copy editor for Locus Magazine in September 2007, right after becoming the then-junior copy editor for Shimmer Magazine.

In July 2008, I began proofreading The New York Review of Science Fiction.

* In October 2008, I began proofreading Electric Velocipede.

I passed the torch and am not proofreading Locus anymore [since early 2010]. My duties increased at EV, to Shimmer's loss. I'm now the managing editor at EV.

When I went from two to four zines, I hadn't expected that two are perhaps the easier load -- but so it's proved. Particularly as I handle more books now than I did.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My favorite 2010 book.

is EDGE. Dark sf.

I've been waiting for Edge to come out. And next month it's out here in the US; you can already buy Edge in the UK, it's been out since February. You should buy Edge. You really really should. An awesome book.

Plus, I have a strong contender for my best book of 2011, which is the sequel, Point. Been raving about that 'un... :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Links & MI

Back in MI, settling in; delivered the sf sequel Monday. This week I'm ^ doing the sf reprint.

Some posts, the first about Angry Robot (welcoming our overlords) and two from them: Reality 36, Sherlock with a twist, and snippets.

Also, Genreville: Suppose They Gave a Book...

Next month -- WFC! I'm so excited.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Angry Robot contest

Angry Robot just launched in the US this week. So they're blogging a lot. And you could win nifty stuff for a picture in B&N!

Biased? Of course I am. :D

But I'm okay with that.