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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Updates to industry links

I'll keep the P&E (Preditors & Editors) section updated.

The Black Hole, for example, tracks paying markets. I added the Absolute Write watercooler too. These are forum-sites that you want to use for your own sake. Trust me.

Whenever you submit, make sure you've looked at the market. Check Ralan, check Absolute Write, check HiPiers, etc. Ask around. Look at your favorite author blogs. Research!

Because you don't want your work to fall into a black hole.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Last month I began helping out at The New York Review of Science Fiction.

Very cool. I never know what will come in, and it's very different from anything else I've worked on.

September (#241) is the retro issue, with Doc Savage and James Blish essays on the front page. August (#240) reviewed Lovecraft-inspired art, and featured various essays, one remembering Roger Zelazny, and another on Greye La Spina [a lady I had never heard of].

The New York Review of Science Fiction is a semiprozine which just reached its twenty-first year, and has twenty Hugo nominations; published monthly.

Their Dragon Press store opened this year.

This is a really good summer.