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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rate adjustment

On 31-Dec-08, my rates will go up to correspond with the EFA rates. My hourly rate will be $25 per hour.

Anyone contracted with me at present will remain at my current rate of $20 per hour. Haggling is fine if meant in earnest and not to reenact Monty Python scripts.

Projects remain negotiable, however.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'Zines, news, &c

Steve Buchheit just got his first contract!

I invited Steve as a panelist to Conclave, so I am especially pleased. And I know his editor too.

I just wrapped up NYRSF. Sometime later, in a month or so, I'll have more news. Possibly something from NYRSF...

Shimmer is coming in. Think I get ten stories this time. :D

No more cons until ConFusion -- where, I am happy to say, I have absolutely nothing I have to run, chase, recruit, or what-have-you. Peaceful.

Freon will be the Fan GoH at Fusion.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Electric Velocipede proofreading

I just wrapped up part of Electric Velocipede 15/16.

This was my first issue, and it's a double issue. I was assigned a quarter, but since some selections were still in editing, I elected to make up for that by starting sooner in the issue.

Wow. Some really lovely stories in EV. When I get back from Clave, I mean to read the earlier half, since I had other projects this week (sf novel, workshop, con arrangements).