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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Coolness, NYCC, publishing numbers: also cake.

Jim Hines on Cool Kids in sf/f.  Fascinating.

Kameron Hurley gives us the Cold Publishing Equations: Books Sold + Marketability + Love.  This is important, new writers!  READ HER EQUATIONS.  They will help you.

Really, grasshopper, I joke not.

And yes, this includes anyone who feels that self-publishing makes it All Different.  It really does not, not if you didn't do all the things professionally and did not happen to know how to do them either.  This is no judgment:  everyone learns.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Update: early Sept.

I have got my car back.  As of a week ago.  :)  My PT seems fine.

And the pretty replaced parts are indeed very nice.  8)  The driver's side is all shiny.

Last Friday we drove out to see my folks, and also to my storage unit.  Which is lacking some things now, while my poor PT is probably wondering why it had musty crates filling it up--

I could've sworn my PT had all its hubcaps when I left the shop t'other day, but maybe I was wrong.  I'll ask my team... Progressive gives you a team, so I have several people working on my claim, which is still open due to the medical issues.