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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Other June links

Some small presses through Paper Golem.

(Is it a little disturbing that ten years ago I only knew one of those, unlike now?)

Stacy at Tu Books: What kind of fantasy is Tu looking for? And what kind of synopsis?

This brings you back to research and how you really need to look at a publisher. I like how Stacy reminds the author querying that YA work of decades ago isn't necessarily what teens today are reading. Me, I loved how Las Vegas had a What's New endcap. That's how I discovered Frances Hardinge's debut novel.

Moonie and why not to bring in your MS personally... and along with the Reader Child, there's an appeal for editor Alyssa Smith, who lost everything in a fire. :/

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SF tidbits...

Neil talks about A Political Football in A Teacup -- which is what he got used as. :/

Diana Wynne Jones has chosen to discontinue chemo.

Tor has where to write DWJ, via a moving post by Kate Nepveu. Now would be an excellent time to write her and tell her that you love her books. [I do, and I'm about to write next.] I love DWJ's writing, and a great many of her books are my very favorites.

Brit over at Tor has a good post about writing called Taking Advice. Check it out.

Also from Tor: David Bowie as a specfi entertainer. How odd that I never thought of that, despite being a huge Bowie fan... and I've read The Man Who Fell to Earth too. Probably because I was a Bowie fan, although it's possible I picked that up before 1986.

And OSC's Intergalatic Medicine Show is back from hiatus! Apex Magazine (NOT Books) is open to subs again, as is Electric Velocipede.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final May links.

Cover letters in fiction -- why they're exactly opposite what you learn in writing job cover letters. From Adam's friend Christie Yant. :>

From Forbes: Twenty-One Women Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Favorite Business Books.

Garrison Keillor gives a speech for Authors Guild, much like his editorial. I think I prefer the latter.

And last, one from Moonie about book launches. Many excellent tips!