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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Another January death--STOP IT!!!

One of my editors died today (from Making Light and BoingBoing, respectively).

Astronomicon 12
Except I never edited with David Hartwell, at least not directly.  He was unfailing kind to me.  David knew I was part of NYRSF staff and was very enthusiastic about my work there -- so yes, in a way he was "my" editor.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Con season returns!

This month's ConFusion... back in Novi.

Where the cons haven't been for some time -- at the Sheraton, where both Fusion and Penguicon have been before.  I think 2005 was the last time P-con used the Sheraton.

Trying to recall when Fusion was there... 2003?  I know Fusion moved to Troy in '04 or maybe '05.

Yeah, some of us trace the years by where the cons were held.  What cities, what hotels.  8)

Life, the Universe, and ConFusion.  Hee.  Part of me wonders why so many cons switched from the Back to the Future theme of 2015 (hey, Marty!) to the answer is 42.

But I may just let it go.

I know where my towel is -- and that's the important thing.  Right?