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Sunday, July 26, 2015

FYI: early rate change.

Normally I wait until September to post a rate change.  Not for 2015.

(If you're curious as to why, read my About me/rates page.)

This year I'll begin my eighth year as a freelance editor.  Thus I'm announcing a rate change for new clients, starting as of 27-July-2015.  Any current negotiations are not affected.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Penguicon in review.

So... many days have passed since Penguicon 2015.  Many many.

(Okay, WEEKS, but I had foolishly thought I wouldn't be doing another con until October back then.)

Penguicon was a frickin' excellent con -- wicked brilliant!  I wish you had all been there.

Here's some of the pretty pictures, which I am very grateful to fellow attendees for providing.  [I am rubbish at these things.]

Someone thought my little mini-flyer for UnlockedCon combined with the P-con"Sherlocked!" BoF was worth taking a pic of...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Convergence highlights: part 1.

{ Post written last week -- possibly 7-July-15 -- posted today. } 

A few things [maybe] before packing.  For Readercon.

Because insanity is congenital.  :P  Apparently.

The War for the Oaks review off Smart Bitches, Trashy Books via Will Shetterly.

Emma and Toni Weisskopf were the primary panelists at the Georgette Heyer panel Saturday.  About Heyer's writing influence on sf.

The best of panels.  Educational, funny, witty, fun, clever, fascinating -- taught me things I didn't know, and best of the very best, got to sit down with Heyer fans IN PERSON which aside from my folks, I never get to do.

Convergence was a great con.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thoughts for the day.

bright orange for the shroud:  p. 19, Fawcett edition.

' Acquaintance rather than friend.  The dividing line is communication, I think.  A friend is someone to whom you can say any jackass thing that enters your mind. With acquaintances, you are forever aware of their slightly unreal image of you, and to keep them content, you edit yourself to fit.  Many marriages are between acquaintances.  You can be with a person for three hours of your life and have a friend.  Another one can remain an acquaintance for thirty years. '

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Words, books, learning.

Jackdaw and the Randoms:  my latest project.  Completed project, that is.

If you're a reader of YA, and/or you like scoundrels, you'll like Jackdaw.  He is who Douglas Richardson (of BBC Cabin Pressure) aspires to be.  No, really.

I was added as an approved freelancer for and the Macmillan freelancer pool this month June.  I am working on my first novella now.  David Tallerman's Patchwerk.