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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Words, books, learning.

Jackdaw and the Randoms:  my latest project.  Completed project, that is.

If you're a reader of YA, and/or you like scoundrels, you'll like Jackdaw.  He is who Douglas Richardson (of BBC Cabin Pressure) aspires to be.  No, really.

I was added as an approved freelancer for and the Macmillan freelancer pool this month June.  I am working on my first novella now.  David Tallerman's Patchwerk.

Things I learnt from research during Jackdaw --

Scots Glossary, none of which applied to the book I was working on, but still interesting.  Understand Scottish Slang from Wikihow: same.

But Figaro, THAT did apply.  I had known of the opera, of course, but nothing about Figaro himself, so solved that problem.  8D

I will talk more about Convergence eventually. I have tonight Just had last night to get ready for Readercon road trip.

And off I go!

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