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Sunday, July 26, 2015

FYI: early rate change.

Normally I wait until September to post a rate change.  Not for 2015.

(If you're curious as to why, read my About me/rates page.)

This year I'll begin my eighth year as a freelance editor.  Thus I'm announcing a rate change for new clients, starting as of 27-July-2015.  Any current negotiations are not affected.

Basic copyediting starts at $35 per hour.

Heavy copyediting starts at $40 per hour.

Serious discussions about flat rates and other negotiations are, as always, welcome.

A few key things:  I need a real word count to estimate a job.

I do not mean Word's count words feature.  This is not an actual word count.  Word does not take into account the way publishing counts words or estimates pages either.

Projects need to be in proper manuscript format.  Not single spaced, not in unusual fonts.

The proper manuscript format page explains why all this is important, hence William Shunn's incomparable link above.

Note that Bill Shunn has added a bit about speech tags which is also very important to writing -- and to readers.

I am happy to provide more information if you are new.  Being new isn't bad in any way; it just means you have things to learn.

Remember... Projects currently in negotiation will not have a sudden rate increase.  That would lack class in so many ways.

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