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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WFC, DAW, credit...

Last week DAW Books added me to their freelance pool.

(Yes, you're quite right, there are millions of exclamation points ellided there.)

I have an editor credit on Amazon.  David Tallerman cowrote a YA novel with Michael Wills, which I copyedited -- and Mike kindly listed me in the credits.  No one's done that before to my knowledge.

Frankly, I'm gobsmacked!

DAW, Dave, and Mike are some of my most favorite gentlebeings in the universe right now.  8)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Random: Oct. 2016

[Written nearly three weeks ago... on 4-October.]

This weekend's ConClave 40:  Clave's in a new hotel this year, which is amusingly enough a hotel that Penguicon once used -- back in 2006?

We plan on WFC 2016 as well, so Clave will be our penultimate 2016 con together (Allen attends Youmacon, but I don't).

Normally I post during September, which is my birth month and my work anniversary month.  I didn't this year.

I have a couple of publishing tests in right now.  (One arrived on my birthday; pretty cool!)  Seems like whenever I have tests, then other things want very badly to distract me and/or take up my time.  :b

On 4-October, Yesterday we found out that Allen's Olds was on its last legs.  He promptly found a different Oldsmobile, and brought that car home, so we have a reliable car again.