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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Sneaky muscle spasm. -_-

I am so tired. Makes sense, I had a major system shock. Muscle spasms are awful.

Apparently this was a slow spasm, so I didn't figure it out until the nausea hit. A really slow one. I hate those. They're all bad, but some spasms are worse'n others.

This morning putting on a hair tie hurt, and that didn't clue me either. Just thought I'd a really bad headache. I was also really congested, which I put down to not sleeping so well.

A couple weeks ago, I popped part of my left knee somehow. Hyperextended maybe? Last night, I'd had to put a lot of Tiger Balm (the arthritis version) on my knee to sleep. Once that wore off, I knew I'd be restless if I stayed asleep.

Apparently I did stay asleep overnight...

Friday, June 26, 2020

Message from MK: 2020 mythos antho.

MK sent me an email about doing a 2020 anthology. It's a theme antho -- he wants Lovecraftian mythos stories. Before 31-July-2020, ideally.

I created a page for it here on my blog, so you could see most of the info he wrote.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Adventure kittens!

In recent weeks, Digger has become addicted to eating everyday grass* and to simply going outside. He wears his harness, so he can inspect things, sit on the grass or the patio, and just hang out.  I always pick a handful of grass; that way I can let both kittens enjoy it when he's done perambulating.

Hell, yesterday I dumped a few handfuls of dried grass out.  It was on a towel, and Digger likes snuggling up in that box.  I suspect he likes knowing he can just nibble the grass at any time.  He finds it comforting, having that on his towel.  8)

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Monday, O Monday...

Monday was an exciting day. First, the furnace guy returned. From last Thursday [starting sometime Wed. evening] through Monday, we had no heat. Again. 

Furnace got repaired maybe 2 weeks ago?

The kittens and I got shut into our BR so he could work. HRM was upset; the heat came on near instantly, but the imprisonment didn't end!

Queen Misty wanted to dig her way out from under the door. This was also the opposite of fun.

The plus was that I wasn't sitting there, sans socks, in a cold room in a cold house, trying to calm two kittens. Unlike the previous furnace repair!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

ER trip 3: More health wth.

I AM FINE. It was not a heart attack as feared!  

ER trip 3 in under five months! since I went in on 29-Sept-2019, the day before my fifty-first birthday [!] and also last month on 5-Jan-2020, both for another health issue* [see bottom of page].

Am out of hospital and back home, so I just have to wait on seeing my GP, who's free next Wednesday.

Pain caused by one of three possibles, per Dr. Hershey: acid reflux, arthritis, or nerve problems. All of which I already have.

Spent nearly 24 hrs in Sparrow Hospital.


Yesterday I left home in an ambulance circa 1:16pm, going to ER. Sparrow Hospital checked me in come evening for a stress test -- to confirm it was not my heart.

I'd called 9/11 because I thought I was having a heart attack.

Intense pain at edge of rib cage, then in my back, that would NOT STOP. I have a high pain tolerance, but sharp sudden pain can debilitate me as much as anyone.


Monday, November 4, 2019

Hanging by a thread

-- Ahhh, and Blogger decided to eat the post's title, fun fun! Grrr. --

Most people who are mentally ill aren't in a good way. Not collectively. We treat our mentally ill poorly overall. Closing American mental hospitals was a rotten start to this century.

From NPR's review about The Great Pretender; the review concludes:

' The Great Pretender is an essential book, and a plea for the world to come to terms with the way we're treating some of our most vulnerable people. "We are all hanging on by a very thin thread," she writes, "and some of us won't survive our fall." '

She's right. :(

In 1992, I was in one of the last mental institutions that got closed: Clinton Valley Center in Pontiac, Michigan.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Morning in kitten-land.

Her Worship was all comfy on Her Throne, and calming down, grooming. Then Misty saw a string! It was sneakily hiding under some flat object, which she didn't care about. String! Oh yeah.

A little drawstring bag's cord. And she had to have it, she HAD to.

I persuaded her to accept something else and carried off the bag.

It is currently hiding in my pocket so I can send it to another home outside our house. :p