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Friday, October 21, 2016

Random: Oct. 2016

[Written nearly three weeks ago... on 4-October.]

This weekend's ConClave 40:  Clave's in a new hotel this year, which is amusingly enough a hotel that Penguicon once used -- back in 2006?

We plan on WFC 2016 as well, so Clave will be our penultimate 2016 con together (Allen attends Youmacon, but I don't).

Normally I post during September, which is my birth month and my work anniversary month.  I didn't this year.

I have a couple of publishing tests in right now.  (One arrived on my birthday; pretty cool!)  Seems like whenever I have tests, then other things want very badly to distract me and/or take up my time.  :b

On 4-October, Yesterday we found out that Allen's Olds was on its last legs.  He promptly found a different Oldsmobile, and brought that car home, so we have a reliable car again.

Monday, September 12, 2016

"But it's MY toy!"

I have a cloth fish on a pole.  Months ago, when Chaosium was still a kitten, he'd play with that cat toy.

I learned pretty quickly to hold on tightly.  After the first time KayKay ran off with the toy, that is!  I wasn't worried about him devouring the fish (eventually) so much as getting sick by trying to eat the string.

Shadowcat didn't get to play with it much, because KayKay wasn't big on sharing.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

August 2016: Cat dramas.

~~ I wrote this 27-August-2016.  I should have posted it then, but I'll post it now.  Dates were added for clarity.

So Shadowcat seems to be expecting again.  I was basing it on how oddly she was acting, initially.

The current batch of kittens were weaned about two weeks ago.

Then suddenly all kittens (Oreo, 'Violet, DustBunny) were nursing again.  They shouldn't be.  They're three months old!

That was unexpected...

Our two kittens are still around.

Vee (the female) seems very pleased that Allen comes up to see if they're out and about, and then gives them treats.  I suspect she's bonding to him.

She still hasn't decided yet about this whole petting thing.  Her brother is very keen on us petting him, however.  8)

So I haven't pushed it, trying to touch her.  Maybe Vee will want to be petted; maybe not, also.  I suspect she would like Allen to pet her first.

I am not sure that Dusty / Dust Bunny is a name that's sticking to her brother.  He seems to simply respond to my voice.  Unless it's that he thinks "Hey, sweetpea!" is his name.  Maybe he does.

Maybe I'll call him Sweetie instead.  He is a very affectionate kitten.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Readercon... soon.

I'm thankful for NYRSF, since that and Locus both involve bibliographic matter to varying extents...

For I volunteered to run the bio-bibs for Readercon this year.

This proved to sometimes trigger my control-freak issues.

Yes, control is important to me, and not having control and/or being unable to Do A Thing when it needs doing... argh.

I am exceedingly grateful not to be the one creating the program book.  Fixing pieces of it, awesome; creating the bits, not so much.  (Except that I'm told that the bio-bibs are actually the largest part of the book, since they're the pieces that need to be separate files beforehand...)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So... they're back! :D

In other news, the little kittens reappeared today!  The kits -- either three or four, we aren't sure yet -- are still blue-eyed.

We both watched them for a while.  :D

They don't walk as much as they wobble.  Fall over easily.  Adorable as all heck.

Apparently I was right, Shadowcat IS the mother.  Skinny as a rake, that poor cat, and she was surprised to see that I saw her kits today.  Well, I was pretty surprised myself.  The little darlings.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Briefly: More kittens!

Our kittens just had kittens.  Or so we think.

(I shall have to call the black kittens kitlings then, to differentiate them from the baby kittens.)

Yesterday our housemate had watered the front yard, and therefore moved the lean-to.  I.e., boxes I'd set up over the winter to help protect the kittens/kitlings if they chose to stay by the house for its warmth.  Last night I noticed that he hadn't put it back, so I went to do that.

I found little black and white kittens, who looked like they were a week old, perhaps less.  They didn't try to run away -- just squirmed, as if trying to nurse.

I set the lean-to back up as best I could, and let them be.

Having several humans make noises around the kittens was not reassuring to the kittens' mother, I'm sure.  Even though I still don't know who the mother is.