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Monday, November 4, 2019

Hanging by a thread

-- Ahhh, and Blogger decided to eat the post's title, fun fun! Grrr. --

Most people who are mentally ill aren't in a good way. Not collectively. We treat our mentally ill poorly overall. Closing American mental hospitals was a rotten start to this century.

From NPR's review about The Great Pretender; the review concludes:

' The Great Pretender is an essential book, and a plea for the world to come to terms with the way we're treating some of our most vulnerable people. "We are all hanging on by a very thin thread," she writes, "and some of us won't survive our fall." '

She's right. :(

In 1992, I was in one of the last mental institutions that got closed: Clinton Valley Center in Pontiac, Michigan.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Morning in kitten-land.

Her Worship was all comfy on Her Throne, and calming down, grooming. Then Misty saw a string! It was sneakily hiding under some flat object, which she didn't care about. String! Oh yeah.

A little drawstring bag's cord. And she had to have it, she HAD to.

I persuaded her to accept something else and carried off the bag.

It is currently hiding in my pocket so I can send it to another home outside our house. :p

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

October-2: kitten update.

Queen Misty and Digger/Pocito are just rocketing around the house lately. Let alone yesterday, when I looked up to roomie saying: "The kittens, they're both outside." Just like that moment in Jurassic Park when they find the raptors are inside the room with them -- that's how I'm sure Jack and Sweetpea felt!

Amazingly, we got 'em back into the house. Pocito seemed a little shell-shocked by the yard; Queenie acted like it was no big deal. As she stalked Jack. Who looked appalled, frankly.

Annnnnnnnnnnd the kittens climbed the blinds on this night.

Her Majesty was the primary perp, and I got her off the blinds. She was upset, not just to have her fun wrecked, but that I was clearly Not Happy.

::  But the cords, such temptations, such a grand toy!  The texture of the blinds! ::

No matter that I've put the frickin' cords behind the blinds, they can be SEEN, and lusted after, if one is a kitten. =rolls eyes=

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Kittens today.

Cheetah is still very snuffly, and sleeps more than his sister, likely due to his awful sinus infection. :/

He likes to cuddle up with people, and/or onto a Soft Place to sleep. To his great delight, I have set up plush throws for him to sleep on the LR couch and the basement futon.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Double cat trouble.

Today my roomie [SL] and I went ostensibly to drop off stuff -- for the barn cats of Saved By Zade, our local cat rescue.

Little Cheetah began smooching my fingers. I thought I was lost, and then some little girls took an interest in his cuddliness. I stepped back, but no... their mom backed out.

Yeah, we came home with two kittens. How did you know? :P :P :P

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Random autumn update--

Normally I post in Septembers past about rate changes. Sometimes I mention other things, like milestones.

But you know what? I began copyediting in 2007. I may post later about milestones, and I may just talk about cons [like CVG or Dublin Worldcon] or my cats, or something else. I don't know yet.

October relaxacon and onward...

Last week, because apparently I cannot control my hypomanic* impulses, I suggested twice that I create a FAQ page for Fiasco 2019... which I keep typing today as Fiascon.  Urm.  Clearly "con" is meant to be part of any con name in my lizard brain.  Figures.

This relaxacon is just Friday and Saturday, 18-October and 19-October, held by Metro Airport.

NOT a weekend-long three-day con.