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Friday, March 10, 2017

Some c/e highlights...

I do work on a wide variety within genre. Horror, dark fiction, GLBTQ sf/f romances, fantasy, sf/f alternate universes, YA, urban fantasies, paranormal fantasies, and much more. Just because I enjoyed working on a project doesn't mean you'll automatically like reading it, of course.

So I highly recommend checking genre first -- unless you, like me, have widely catholic tastes in reading (catholic the adjective, not the religion). If you like being surprised, then just leap in. That's what I do. :D


In 2014, I was offered Tekken: The Dark History of Mishima. That was fun. Only time I've ever been allowed to use "cartoon physics" as a guideline.

Tekken was translated into English, by an editor I knew... and who'd recruited me for my first paying gig as a freelancer. I really enjoyed working again with her.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Temping in 2000, cont'd.

Just in 2000 (blog post here), I worked as a temp at:

  • Multiple places as reception; several requested I return, and if I didn't have a conflict, I did so -- at least twice for two different clients  
  • Two dealerships: Flannery Ford [one week] and the original Saturn dealership** in Michigan [several weeks] { Newsweek link for Saturn's demise }
  • The OCC Chancellor's Office, where I once answered the phone with "Chancellor's Office speaking" -- as another university's chancellor's office was calling! 8) 
  • Advanced Medical Metpath, doing data entry on lab work forms (O that horribly dull place, no one spoke to other employees or temps! as you can imagine, I couldn't stand that; it was like working in a mirage of other people.) 
  • March '00: My first Kelly assignment was at a psych clinic, which amused me, since that was the first time I'd ever been on the other side of the glass.  Plus one of my previous shrinks was there, and greeted me with joy... ("Where have you been?" he exclaimed. "California!" said I.) 
  • Handing out paychecks in California for Adecco. *** Cushiest temp assignment ever.  ;)  They were sweet and even paid me for a couple extra hours, since they needed someone just to do this one thing all day long.  I sorted people's time cards on the side to keep my hands busy; this may be the real reason they loved me that day.

2000-05 income: temping.

Back then, I temped constantly.  I enjoyed being able to leave a place I didn't like, or that had a rotten work environment... or was boring.

Most jobs never took me long to master.

(Unlike the coupon-book publisher I worked for in 2003.  That job, ahhh, that was nice and meaty, and took me weeks to learn what was what.  Involved filing, much proofreading, plus using both PCs and Macs.  Lovely workplace...)

In just 2000 I had 15-odd assignments.  I was really proud of that.  I remember people who were horrified by this, and I could not understand why.

C'mon, having companies who clamored for me to return, that's pretty neat!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Labor Day 2016: Writing fail.

{ Draft written 5-Sept-2016, primarily. }

Ooooh, let's discuss Idiot Ball, shall we?

One of the things making me crazy watching The Flash season 2... was the idiot ball plot breakdowns.  Sometimes it was so bad they were idiot plots too.  8(

Character acts out of character, i.e., irredeemably stupid?  Guess who's got the idiot ball tonight!

Worst is when said character had said in a past ep why s/he wouldn't do that thing, only to decide to do it in this ep.

Specifics follow.  Also SPOILERS.  

Skip this if you have not seen the The Flash s2.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

[This past] Saturday. :)

Yesterday I went to Pentamere Academy of Defense (aka PAoD). It's a local SCA event -- specialized for fencers.

So I got to see my fencing family. 8) I hung out with people I knew and people I didn't. Very cozy.

I learned how to fasten a clasp onto a necklace.  I went to a class about exercises, stretching, and managing pain -- as well as to help you not injure yourself -- taught by two of my dear friends.

In short, it was a good day.

I still want to return to fencing -- I loved fencing so much! Haven't fenced since '08. I plan next to become a marshal in training [MiT] again... We always need marshals.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feline news: mixed.

KayKay was the first customer today. She has more white hairs in her pure black coat. She was cool with being petted -- before her tail mostly -- and arched at me when I petted her. 8)

I tried to not be pushy about petting her, since she seemed to be most interested in being affectionate and petted the last time she was in heat.

Vee arrived after KayKay and kept back til her aunt left. Understandably skittish!

Vee-cat is still in heat. (Sweetpea seems to be done with hers.) Yesterday I saw a lovely Maine coon [almost calico and huge!] waiting politely for Vee to finish drinking before the running began again. Vee has attracted the most tomcats I have never seen before.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friends-- O friends!

When I was a lonely teen, I desperately wanted friends.

Friends near me.  Friends I could hang out with all the time.  Best friends.

I was in my thirties before I realized how lucky I was -- that I had so many friends.  That I'd had a goal, and achieved it, all without even noticing.  A heart-goal... a deep-seated need.

My friends who are kindred spirits, fandom [and fangirls/fanboys!], SCA and my fencing family, gamers, geeks, pros, penpals: so many friends!