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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A loss... and a win.

My dad, much to my delight, discovered Lois McMaster Bujold. He read the first Chalion book and then the entire Sharing Knife series.

Last month I bought him a Nook as an early Xmas gift [since he'd had hand surgery].

Dad read The Warrior's Apprentice [and also The Mountains of Mourning] and wants to read all the Miles books. :D

So I'm re-reading a few myself. And Jo Walton's posts about Miles, of course.

Anne McCaffrey died Monday. I keep weeping. Or sniffling... and then weeping again.

My first sf/f worlds were Pern and WitchWorld. My science teacher in 7th grade made us all choose books to read... and I chose Dragonsinger because it was thicker than Dragonsong. I loved the Bantam covers.

Charles A. Tan, bless him, has collected Anne McCaffrey tributes.

Goodbye, lady. You'll always be in my heart. Thank you so much for getting me through a really awful patch in my life, with your worlds.

I remember how I wept the first time Robinton almost died. The sky should have been dark -- not the cheery blue that lacked clouds, seen through my tears.

The sky should be dark now everywhere, no matter how melodramatic it sounds. Zair took you home, Annie.

(It is a sad comment on my feelings that although it began raining here at nightfall, and still was last I looked, that does not feel like half enough.)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Given up on yourself?

I've been trying to catch up on Kris' The Business Rusch. Having a new computer makes it somewhat easier.

But today -- tonight -- I used Goodreads as my blog reader. I've also had problems, unfortunately, getting her website to load. Right now Kris is updating the Freelancer's Survival Guide. I bought it, and I can't rave enough about the Guide. Go buy it!!

I stopped reading Giving Up On Yourself tonight because Kris was talking about how she gave up editing. And -- a friend asked me lately if I went to cons as a writer.

Those are tied together for me. I am not a writer, nor do I think of myself as a writer. I can write to communicate because I happen to be pretty good at communicating.

I am an editor. I've wanted to be an editor since I was in high school. I wouldn't give editing up for anything. I can't imagine being anything else.

And despite people who have tried to helpfully suggest that I do something else over the past few years -- well, see Roger Zelazny's answer about hardware stores.

I wonder how many people do give up on themselves. :/ I gave up for some while, about a decade ago, and kept on doing temp work. It was easier.

And I was afraid for a while that I wouldn't manage to break into editing. That changed in 2005, and now I'm doing what I dreamed about.

Don't give up. Please, don't give up. Dream for yourself and keep going.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Geek toys: tablets.

Or, as this blogger says, Cool New Device Ownership Hunger. Well, c'mon, you know that's what it is. :D

Mostly, I can resist cellphones. I used to have Motorola's lovely email pager, the Talkabout. It had a real keyboard. I still miss that.

But tablets that can have a real keyb... Funny, I loathe laptops [and the feeling's mutual], yet the idea of a tablet that's got a real keyb just hits my geek-toy devicery exactly right.

I was in love with the Asus eee Transformer, and still am somewhat. Then I saw two slates: There's T-Mobile's Springboard; what's far better is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It has Quickoffice HD.

Oh, yeah.

;) And you thought I just wanted a shiny toy to play with; well, naturally, but what's the point in a toy that you can't work on? Or in my case, meaning: type on actual real buttons.

Maybe that's the thing, that to me a Real Computer has to have buttons for I/O for my fingers.

You notice I didn't mention a mouse, right? I remember before we had computer mice. (I think the Commodore PET was the first mouse-using PC I ever used.) I don't spurn mice, certainly, but I also do not like the sliding panels on laptops either. Mice of the computer, they ought to have tails [i.e., wires]. Otherwise the farmer's wife has been at 'em.

So this is me trying to resist the urge to go shopping and get me a Galaxy Tab...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CE: Handy work aids.

Adjective order.

Grammar index. I have barely dipped into this yet. I was hunting something on Grammar Girl, and then tried the next thing Google found, which was the Grammar site. Wow!

Definitions: Creator., bless them -- and I mean that! -- for making a bunch of helpful things. Like debunking Hollywood myths on guns and a host of other tidbits. This is especially helpful when you ask the Interweb an important question and can't get good answers.

Because why should the treats only be candy? ;D