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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Car news: good!

Good news from the body shop on my car!  When I spoke to a gentleman there Monday, he said the repair estimate was a few dollars shy of $1700.00.

This is great as I have owned my poor abus'd PT Cruiser not even a whole month.  Having the repairs be considerably less than its list price of $2995, huzzah.  FYI:  its low miles make my car worth rather more than that.  8)

Keep your fingers crossed, I pray you!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The 2015 Hugos: diversity and Alfies.

The 2015 Hugo winners list at Locus, including the Campbell for Best New Writer.

Who is my AR author, Wes Chu.  :D

Well done, Wes!!  The Appliances triumph in their bid for world domination.  Their Robot Overlords will succeed.

SkyNet.  What more is there?

Ah... Moving on to Chuck Wendig's Hugo Recap post.  Man, I wanna buy some of Noah Ward's work too.  That dude sure won a LOT of Hugos (Chuck is so right, HIS WORK IS BRILL).


Car roll call: mine.

My cars...

  • 1980-something Mustang 2 yrs.  (I remember it was supposed to be one thing, 1980-whatever, but it was something weird.  Somehow 1981/1983??)  I had my T-top Mustang 1987-1989.  Give or take a month.
  • 1989 Geo Metro, bought new:  just over 9 years.  (How I loved that Geo!)  Traded in 'Stang for Geo.  Needed a car that didn't have multiple oil leaks.
  • 2000 Chevrolet S-10, leased new in 2000:  2 yrs 9 mo.
  • 2003 Toyota Echo, leased new in 2003:  2 yrs 4 mo.  Toyota paid off my truck lease, quite happily -- but required a deposit, which I had not needed in 2000 with Chevy.
  • 1998 Toyota Corolla, used:  10 mo.  As of last September.  Formerly my mother's beloved car...  Slain by a deer this past June.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Editing, CE job, Adam and my authors...

Can you teach editing?

Amy Einsohn thinks you can -- check out her PDF, Are Editors Born or Made?

I'd agree.  The people I meet who think they can edit and who prove amenable to being trained... are the ones who I think can learn not only how to edit, but how to become freelance editors.  Not everyone can do both.

Here's the shorter report Amy did for Science Editor in 2004, which includes the initial pages of her longer essay.

The Subversive Copy Editor (Carol Saller) interviewed Amy Einsohn in November 2011.

From Carol's blog I found Zombies and bogeymen, aka the zombie rules in grammar.