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Monday, January 26, 2009

Entering 2009

Last month, I became the Managing Editor for Shimmer. Sometime in 2009, Shimmer will re-open to submissions. The website is being updated.

So both my fiction 'zines have me as double-classed. :>

This summer, I mean to go on vacation at Pennsic War. Probably for one week. I'll be working at the Pennsic Independent.

Other news will be posted here later.

Happy Year of the Ox to you!

Fiction markets & research

Today I added Story Pilot. Whenever you check any of these markets, make sure that's what you want -- PA's site, for example, does ALL markets he's heard of. Story Pilot specializes in sf/f/h.

Preditors & Editors, like Piers Anthony, list all they know. Not just genre.

Cross-reference. Don't just grab and run. Absolute Write is there to help you interact with other authors and see what they're saying.