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Friday, December 30, 2016

So I have whiplash.

Briefly:  I've got an interesting bump on my neck.  In the very middle.

Hadn't checked the front of my neck til today.  It feels like an Adam's apple.  [Which I oughtn't HAVE.]  Urm.

I probably have tissue damage, considering the current amount of neck inflammation.

Whiplash details below, because I figure I may need all this later on for the medical claim[s].  :(

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Winter crash--!

Short version:  Driving home, we got hit -- an SUV slid into us.  We're mostly fine.

T-boned us.  He didn't stop due to slippery ice; we had right of way.

I am probably less fine, because this is the third car accident I've been in since June 2015 -- two car accidents in 2015, then sliding into an icy curb in March 2016, and now this accident.  (Why can't we hire the Flash to get us around, I ask you???)

Allen's car needs body work.  On both sides.

I'll need a chiropractor asap.  (Meaning Monday.)  Dammit.  I may have another week-long muscle spasm; that's what happened after the curb incident nine months ago.  :(

Tonight, the accident-causing driver compounded breaking the car, knocking us into a bus sign and a street light... by making it a hit-and-run.  The jerk.

Good news, a nice SUV driver stopped and gave us his license number.

Then SHE got hit by another driver.  Luckily her accident was not as bad as ours, AND the other driver and she went to talk like normal people.  They pretty much bumped each other; more luck, they didn't careen into us either!

The Other Driver stopped to tell us she too had slipped on the ice, and how glad she was to not hit us after our accident.

Also a gentleman appeared [who probably lived nearby] and who came to see if we were okay.

We live in a good place.  :)

So we pulled away from that accident magnet zone, off the curb, and awaited our cop.

Told our 911 operator that we were a street from home, and she was understandably very sympathetic.  "You almost made it!"

One Narnia street light in our neighborhood looks like a candle flame is bending in the wind.

Tonight we just returned from a holiday party, and that was nice.  Everyone left a bit early because more snow is en route.

Apparently Narnia had other plans for us, eh?  =sigh=  I'm off to bed soon.  Haven't decided yet if I'll ice my shoulder, which is grumpy from being thrown around (yay for seatbelts!) or go with my other choices.

Good thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks!!!

Depressive: me.

Something major has been affecting me.

(And I wanted to blog about it for a long time... but focusing is too hard.)

I'm depressive.  

I'm bipolar, and I have been bipolar for decades now.  Not manic, for which I am thankful, but depression has become a much worse problem in my life.  My meds keep me from mania.  

That used to be the most important thing to me, not being manic -- but I can't cope with chronic depression, which is honestly crushing me.

I've been depressive for months, and it has been getting increasingly worse.