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Friday, December 30, 2016

So I have whiplash.

Briefly:  I've got an interesting bump on my neck.  In the very middle.

Hadn't checked the front of my neck til today.  It feels like an Adam's apple.  [Which I oughn't HAVE.]  Urm.

I probably have tissue damage, considering the current amount of neck inflammation.

Whiplash details below, because I figure I may need all this later on for the medical claim[s].  :(

Our auto accident was 10-December-2016.  I didn't have anything until about 48 hours later, 12-December.  Dizziness, some pain.  Bending over was a Bad Idea, so I desisted.  Ditto for tilting my neck down.

Due to winter excessive snow that week, I couldn't see my chiropractor til 16-December.

On 15-December I went to urgent care for X-rays (after my doctor's office informed me they lacked a machine).  I didn't know that won't show tissue damage.

My chiro, after seeing the peculiar explanation the UC doctor had supplied, took his own X-rays.

I iced my neck and took Advil, and the bump eased off.  Same treatment as the urgent care suggested; they even offered both to me, but I had 'em at home, so declined.

I canceled my initial medical claim on 20-December, because hey, I was healing up.  (Also because Michigan car insurance makes medical claims bizarre.)  Right then, it seemed like I just needed a couple of visits to my chiropractor, nothing more.

During the evening of 23-December-16, the bump reoccurred... and instead of a little lump, which made one think "Hi, vertebrae!" it was considerably larger.

(What is WITH this always happening around 9pm???  Answer:  Probably because that's an hour after the accident happened, enough time for noticeable damage...)

I wrote the nice lady handling my medical claim to reactivate it.  Next step:  I have to contact my car insurance, not Allen's, since that's the way Michigan works.

I bet I'll need to get a CT and/or MRI scan.  I wonder if there's any hope that my (new) doctor's office can expedite this?

OTOH, maybe this just means the basics of much icing and much Advil for weeks to come.  Cheery, eh?


I got a sinus infection and a cold over Christmas, so I slacked off on icing my neck much of this week... blowing my nose and coughing end up taking precedence, y'know?

Definitely icing again after posting this.  I should not have a faux Adam's apple.  It may be why I've gone husky too (unless my can of tea is wonky??) and I suspect that's actually sinus congestion affecting my throat.

At least I hope so.

And since I've had chronic muscle spasms since 2008, which were erratic (and rare) starting in 2004, that makes this more complicated.  Added bonus is that I was in two car (!!) accidents in 2015, with the second resulting in regular physical therapy and chiropractic visits from late August 2015, tapering off by April of 2016.  Weekly sessions -- for way too long a time, let me tell you!


This isn't a crisis.  It's just aggravating.  I'd meant to ice on the bed, but my sweetie's gaming with his buddy.  I'll go upstairs; maybe read while icing.  :)

I could sort beads too.  I got a bead loom for Christmas!  It looks brilliant.  Bwahahah.

I'm amused that I began this post on a low note and the beads cheered me up.

Maybe my actual crisis (FYI, that's Wiki, not a blog post) isn't so bad after all.  8)  I may not have the solutions to everything, but creating things out of beads delighted me for years.  =off to ice, and maybe do bead prep=

Be well, and happy day before New Year's Eve, everyone.  Happy 2017-to-come!

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