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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Readercon... soon.

I'm thankful for NYRSF, since that and Locus both involve bibliographic matter to varying extents...

For I volunteered to run the bio-bibs for Readercon this year.

This proved to sometimes trigger my control-freak issues.

Yes, control is important to me, and not having control and/or being unable to Do A Thing when it needs doing... argh.

I am exceedingly grateful not to be the one creating the program book.  Fixing pieces of it, awesome; creating the bits, not so much.  (Except that I'm told that the bio-bibs are actually the largest part of the book, since they're the pieces that need to be separate files beforehand...)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So... they're back! :D

In other news, the little kittens reappeared today!  The kits -- either three or four, we aren't sure yet -- are still blue-eyed.

We both watched them for a while.  :D

They don't walk as much as they wobble.  Fall over easily.  Adorable as all heck.

Apparently I was right, Shadowcat IS the mother.  Skinny as a rake, that poor cat, and she was surprised to see that I saw her kits today.  Well, I was pretty surprised myself.  The little darlings.