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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So... they're back! :D

In other news, the little kittens reappeared today!  The kits -- either three or four, we aren't sure yet -- are still blue-eyed.

We both watched them for a while.  :D

They don't walk as much as they wobble.  Fall over easily.  Adorable as all heck.

Apparently I was right, Shadowcat IS the mother.  Skinny as a rake, that poor cat, and she was surprised to see that I saw her kits today.  Well, I was pretty surprised myself.  The little darlings.

The first time I saw the kittens, and Shadow saw me, she must've told them off.  They toddled away, off to hide.  Earlier I saw the heap of kittens in the cat table... a battered rattan end table that the cats have always considered their own hangout.  The kitten-horde was there on and off.  Falling off quite a bit, at least for one of the black-and-white kits.

Shadowcat went back under the grill, but did let her babies meander around later on.

Later this afternoon I counted at least three babies.  No wonder Shadow is such a skinny beast!

I also saw where they go when they're told off.  I was charmed.  I'd made something for the cats many months ago, an awkward "anti-weather" device, and it must be the right size for kittens.

Right now, KayKay is mostly on good terms with Shadow, but late in the day when I opened the door, Chaosium skittered off... almost like it wasn't me opening the door.  No one else was home except me, so I dunno.  I haven't seen KayKay since.  [Maybe the feline ice cream truck was calling??]  Chaosium was fine with me earlier in the day.  =shrug=

Although sometimes it seems that one or both of them, KayKay and Shadow, actually watch the front of the house.  Possibly they keep tabs on who's home.  Wouldn't put it past 'em.

Amazingly enough, I did get things done, despite the cuteness of kittens.  :D

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