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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Readercon... soon.

I'm thankful for NYRSF, since that and Locus both involve bibliographic matter to varying extents...

For I volunteered to run the bio-bibs for Readercon this year.

This proved to sometimes trigger my control-freak issues.

Yes, control is important to me, and not having control and/or being unable to Do A Thing when it needs doing... argh.

I am exceedingly grateful not to be the one creating the program book.  Fixing pieces of it, awesome; creating the bits, not so much.  (Except that I'm told that the bio-bibs are actually the largest part of the book, since they're the pieces that need to be separate files beforehand...)

Also, I tried not to reply to most participants/panelists' emails.  That was not to ignore people -- I did forward messages sent to me instead of programming, for example.  It's so I didn't have up to a hundred-odd additional conversations.

I told you I was a control freak.

So if you attend Readercon 27 and you were one of the souls who got email from me, or even if you didn't... I do hope you enjoy the con.  I appreciate all your help, nice people.

My apologies for any troubles, trauma, or being nibbled on by tiny pixels.  I swear I didn't tell any of the gremlins to send those.  (What, no, I can't tell you what I told them!  It's a trade secret.)  Urm...

Next con:  Convergence in Minnesota!  Thence to Readercon.  8)

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