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Sunday, September 4, 2016

That was unexpected...

Our two kittens are still around.

Vee (the female) seems very pleased that Allen comes up to see if they're out and about, and then gives them treats.  I suspect she's bonding to him.

She still hasn't decided yet about this whole petting thing.  Her brother is very keen on us petting him, however.  8)

So I haven't pushed it, trying to touch her.  Maybe Vee will want to be petted; maybe not, also.  I suspect she would like Allen to pet her first.

I am not sure that Dusty / Dust Bunny is a name that's sticking to her brother.  He seems to simply respond to my voice.  Unless it's that he thinks "Hey, sweetpea!" is his name.  Maybe he does.

Maybe I'll call him Sweetie instead.  He is a very affectionate kitten.

This afternoon he surprised me, our grey boy-kitten.

First he decided that petting meant he loved me enough to simply walk inside the door wall.  I was sitting right there, so I kept petting him, curious to see what he'd do.

He sat down next to me, then rolled over, presenting his tummy, which he's done many times.  :: I trust you so much I am vulnerable with you! ::

Then he began walking around the dining room.  I stayed sitting, even when he walked around the corner of the counter.  He walked back to me, then began heading down to the hallway.

Toward my room, where there is a bed that fills the room, perfect for kittens to hide under.

That's when I stood up.

He was surprised, and turned right around.  :: Oh!  Was I not supposed to do that? ::

He didn't run outside, certainly, nor move quickly, but he began wending back under the dining room table.  Then left.  Again, not moving in a hurry.

Not only is my kitten smart enough to tell when perhaps his visit of exploration was over, he understood it as a boundary issue.  Good boy!

From what I can tell, Sweetie/Dusty and I are still friends, and he's still affectionate and happy.  He was not shy about accepting more petting later, from both me and Allen.

I suspect that next time he'll want to look around some more.  Hmm.

Yeah, I'm pondering that, now.  Hmm indeed.

Postscript:  Allen thinks that Vee is a destructo-kitten.  She likes to be The One in Charge when the kitten beatings commence.  Considering that a few days she took the cat toy away from her brother, (MINE!) Allen could be totally right.  Sweetie/Dusty also defers to Vee when treats appear; maybe she doesn't play fair?

Vee Who Must Be Obeyed?

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