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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closure... & nostalgia.

I was looking for that cartoon that Pat Rothfuss did earlier this year... and here's a link to other authors discussing that same issue.

Pretty sure I have another slant on this somewhere, might add that in here next. Or maybe not.

William talks about one pronoun's overuse. It's a bit funny in that I've noticed myself querying "it" and suggesting "that" lately. :>

Moonrat explains about sell-through and second printings.

Note that EV is temporarily closed to subs until May 2010. We really are
full up until 2011.

And I've likely said it already, but I'm thinking about going back to MI
for a visit next month, to Confusion, to visit, etc.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about 20 years ago, the days o
f BBSes and 300-baud modems. Before the Web. Mere years before I got on the 'Net, which was something used by college students, sf authors, and the military...

-- and now it's almost the year 2010! Yes: Brave new world indeed, O Miranda, that has such people in't.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My unexpected sf roundup.

Another link I read lately, when discussing a favorite author -- Patricia McKillip: Vengeance in McKillip.

Let's add some more in: Graham's Locus roundtable. Check out Scalzi reaming Black Matrix -- who, I might add, is about par with Hugo Gernsback, who was infamous for not paying authors. When I say "not paying" I mean he wouldn't ante up the $5.00 owed, and got sued. Read The Futurians for more details.

His pay rates were still Not Good. Scalzi does some more notes here.

Ann Leckie does a summation as to why this matters to you, the writer. Note that this links to Patrick's comment, and he mentions John Klima -- who runs EV, where I work -- and Kelly and Gavin, who run Small Beer Press, which publishes Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.

Andrew Wheeler on e-books -- or, how much do these REALLY cost to make?

Patrick wishes us all a happy 80th: yes,
fandom's been around that long. omg.

Will Shetterly is pulling a Cory Doctorow with his latest book. Here's why. :/ I want this book as a book... am adding it to my to-get list.

In case you're wondering, yes, I do indeed chase down fandom history. I like it. [Same for SCA history.] I have Pohl's The Way The Future Was in my reading queue now.

And Merry Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 18, 2009

End of year news & a debate.

Shimmer and EV both got stories into Rich Horton's 2010 Year's Best. Beth just alerted me. :D

William talks about Harlequin... and why the various writers associations are upset. This brings up the difference between publishing and pay-for-print companies.

Note that using POD does not make some company a vanity press, and that print-on-demand is a technology, not publishing. uses POD. More small presses are also using POD rather than filling their warehouses with books, aka the way the larger publishers can.

Very well done, and an explanation that I highly recommend to you. Especially since the hook -- how do you request a book of which you've never heard? -- is rather important! I wouldn't have thought to explain it that way; I'm so glad that William did.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Book: January 2010.

Wednesday evening I got yet another book job. :D

Just the thing for the holidays!

(May borrow the phrase 'YAVN' from Da Boss! but change the V to something else, hmmm... or perhaps just use YAN?)

This is all sorts of excellent. Also, I'm pondering a short visit back up to MI next month, probably around Stilyagi's Fusion, which is late January. Still planning that out. It'd be about a week, likely less.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I did this past spring...

Earlier this year I was asked to write an essay about being bipolar.

I did, and it was published in LaChance Publishing's Voices of Bipolar Disorder.

The publisher sent out complimentary copies recently, and will send mine to my new address here in Ohio.

I became bipolar in 1991, was diagnosed in 1992, and kept taking my [sole] med with great success. There are horror stories about meds, and miracle stories. Mine is the latter [or, sometimes Milekey transitions DO happen in reality]. This is probably the only soapbox-cum-cause that I've wanted to talk about that's extremely personal.

It's still a little scary to get up in public, even about what you care about. Be warned that mine is not a pretty story.

Many thanks to the dear ones who held my hands, not only during the rough times when I became manic, but also those who told me I could write this essay -- who encouraged me, listened, prayed, and above all, critiqued!

"The book is scheduled for release on January 1, 2010 and will be available in all bookstores, at all online booksellers, in most libraries and at"

(And yes, this means I'm a nonfiction writer, but I'm still an editor first and foremost.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New book in...

Rush job. New publisher also. This will keep me busy once I deliver NYRSF tonight.

Santa must love me to send me so much pre-Christmas! ;>

Friday, December 4, 2009

Author, editor, agent.

Roundup through Moonie.

TPA: Dream author.
What to expect with your editor.
Expectations on agents. I'll have to check back later and see what the agents said in reply. :>

And today I discovered how exciting it can be to move around the keyboard that lacks a working letter-in-particular. Especially when it starts my login-ID!

Sure does make me think about alternate words right quick, though...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wheatland Press in need!

Polyphony is an anthology done by a small press, which perhaps you've heard of. Perhaps not, also.

The Clock Ticks on Polyphony 7.Link

We lost several anthology series this year. :<

Such as The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror... although Horror was resurrected as the Best Horror of the Year by another publisher, Night Shade Books. Just when it looked like we readers were going to have so many lovely choices and always be happy... the crunch everywhere is, of course, affecting anthologies [and collections]. Remember, if you don't buy books, authors don't eat. It's that simple.

The same applies to editors, agents, and publishers, particularly small presses. Printing paper books is not cheap.

Please pass the word along. Thanks!

(Cross-posted, with some added bits.)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More writing goodies...

... by way of Moonrat, who adds an amendment to Tom's publishing glossary.

I love this one:
TRADE PAPERBACKS: What readers do instead of purchasing new books.

=hides Bookmooch and PaperbackBookSwap accounts furtively=

Aprilynne talks about firsts... from the desperation of being an aspiring author and the importance of goals.

And Moonrat herself discusses cutting text from writing.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Today, if you have a moment -- pop over to's match-it donation page. Please pass it along to others as well.

Mental health matters to me; I'm bipolar. And I happen to be lucky to know others to whom it matters also.

And if you have another way to donate, do that. The Bookmooch site allows readers to donate books; always ask and see if you can offer to volunteer or give in another way if that suits you best. How would you know sans asking?


Sunday, November 15, 2009

OSC's 'Show + Tribe

I haven't been keeping up on my blog roll lately -- neck-deep in copy editing does that. [I'll catch up when Locus is delivered.] Today I did pop over and see a title the great Lee Kontis reviewed: Ophelia Joins the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook

I was also thinking of Lee because of the penguins. Don't you always think of Edmund and penguins??

That came to mind because I heard this news, about a Shimmery person. Eric's also helped out at a ConClave writing workshop. :>

Congrats, Eric!

The point of all this? Ah, well, if you didn't know, sf is a fairly tight-knit bunch. :> There's a reason Emma and others call us The Tribe.

Edited to add -- another topic:

Author fair treatment by Neil, by way of Robin McKinley's blog.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Ohio...

We made it down to Ohio a bit before the wee hours Saturday evening.

Began settling in. Locus came in yesterday evening.

Please send good thoughts to my cat, who is taking the change poorly -- we lived alone, he and I, for nearly two years. This house has other creatures, but he is a little furry person you know, how dare--! Plus, the friendly dog and one particular cat [Mister] are very interested in him. Poor Gamble doesn't care for his welcoming committee.

So Gamble's coming out to explore when it's just he and I during the daytime, to help him adjust. That mostly works, except when Mister ogles Gam through the window.

Off to finish book. :>

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scheduled: Another book.

Today one of my publishers offered me a mystery -- due in December. :>

I began 2009 with another mystery; right now I'm working on sf. As I settle down in Ohio, I'll be delivering the sf novel... then Locus will arrive. The winter holidays push up deadlines slightly.

Market roundup, WFC...

Jason Sanford talks about online 'zines, with notes about their websites.

Everyone's at World Fantasy! Well, okay -- I'm not, but lots of folks are. EV's up for the World Fantasy Award.

If you're there, go over to Johncon. :> Say hi to Beth and the rest of Shimmer -- and everyone at Locus, and NYRSF.

Halloween is almost here, but I'm thinking about Guy Fawkes Day. I know Kit Kindred likes to have a party that day... maybe I'll follow that tradition. Hmmm.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nonfiction book report.

Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know About What Editors Do

Book information.

I highly recommend this book. I read it a few years ago; I'm re-reading it now. Editors on Editing is composed of articles from editors, authors, and agents. One gentleman used to write columns for Locus. :>

Facetious -- the report on Western Civilization's decline -- and serious, but always informative, Editors on Editing is a great book. For writers and editors.

Now that I have my own copy, I'm sure it will be filled with bookmarks.

Friday, October 16, 2009

October book job in...

A new publisher for me, and also a new book line. This manuscript is SF. :>

In other news, Nick Mamatas sold a nonfiction book called Starve Better: Surviving the Endless Horror of the Writing Life to Apex Publications.

Joe Haldeman and John Varley won the 2009 Robert A. Heinlein Award.

The great Slush God, John Joseph Adams, is soon leaving F&SF and will be editing a new online magazine called Lightspeed. See the press release on his blog.

JJA is nifty in many ways. Because he posted about Shimmer wanting another copy editor over two years ago, a friend sent me thence, right as JJA was guest editing the Pirate Issue -- which became my first issue. :> This year JJA picked up John's Hugo for EV in Montreal.

And... he's a very nice guy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Books, 'zines, promotion...

From Moonrat, Your Pub Date, Minus... and Novice Authors Must Promote Themselves.

Shimmer's Issue 11, the Clockwork Jungle Book, is due out soon. So is Electric Velocipede 19. You can catch up with my editors -- Beth and John, respectively -- at the World Fantasy Convention in San Jose.

My friend's thoughts about e-books, from a discussion on (Bells, Whistles, & Books) .

For anyone who wants to find print books a good home, and/or exchange books for other books, has the best selection and very nice users, while expedites swapping books, CDs, DVDs, and video games.

Last weekend's ConClave 34 was awesome: The Baen Barflies. Marcon's brownies. Travis Taylor's "Sex in Space" panel with M. Keaton. A really great workshop. The Great Lakes Gaylaxian's room party...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Running full slam...

This October is a little... busy.

Support Our 'Zines Day was 1-Oct-09. If you didn't know, do stop by your favorite and show your appreciation!

The SOZD progress report, by its creator, Damien G. Walter. Charles Tan lists a few more 'zines. I recommend Cheryl Morgan's post, with her link to Amanda Palmer, for anyone who thinks highly of the starving artiste motif.

The first World SF round table.

This weekend I'll be at ConClave. We'll be doing the writing workshop. Hope to see you there. :>

Saturday, October 3, 2009

PSA: Chocolate at IGMS.

J.F. Lewis has a story in IGMS, issue 14 ("FWoC"). His first book _Staked_ came out March 2008 from Pocket Books; the sequel _ReVamped_ came out March 2009.

I love these books. I can't wait for more. They are violent and the language is not for everyone. :< I'm not everyone. If I was a vampire, I'd probably be a lot like Eric.

At least, I hope I'd be. I'm tired of whiny vampires too.

Besides, _Staked_ starts with one of the best openings ever.

Whatever's take. :>

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Detroit and TIME

TIME Magazine bought a house in Detroit. Because they care, say I.

=smile= Sports Illustrated said because Detroit is at heart a sports town.

I know that to many people who don't live in Michigan, Detroit stands for Michigan. I love my state. I remember coming back on Greyhound once, and seeing Detroit got me all choked up. That meant I was really home, seeing the Ambassador Bridge, the Fox Theater, the Ren Cen... knowing the parts you couldn't see from the road, like Belle Isle and Trappers Alley. Things I cannot describe easily here, even. As much a part of my life as Oakland University is.

Detroit's my city too. Right now I live a few miles from the edge of city limits.

So this hasn't anything to do with my usual links about writing and publishing, or cons -- but there's journalists here.

We're all in this together. ("You, me, her and him," as Sondheim says.) Libraries, cities, states... people.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Losing libraries.

Moonrat posted about Philadelphia's libraries and publishing. I began from her link because she talks about the importance of libraries to readers and to publishers.

Max told me about a local library's problems. The Troy Public Library or 20 police officers??

So I found that Michigan's libraries got cut also. Here is MeL's save library funding.

Please look around at your libraries. See if they're in trouble. Ask if there's anything you can do, or your kids, or your family, or your friends: Volunteer. Donations. Spreading the word.

We need our libraries, all of us. Don't let them die.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lies, plot, & publishing 'zines.

Jeremiah Tolbert has the 5 Lies Writers Believe About Editors. Not only is it marvelous, and funny, it makes perfect sense. Even to me -- and I'm not an acquisitions editor, I don't read slush, nor do I handle line/content editing.

And Patrick said something excellent about plot, involving, ah, contrivances... which I found hilarious.

The first two came from Moonrat, earlier this month. :>

ETA: Whither Goest Thou, Print Short Fiction? About running a 'zine, e-rights, etc. Do note that some of the links inside the comments are broken and revert to the main article instead.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My second anniversary.

I have another book job in. :>

The Clave workshop will prepare critiques in a few weeks. Soon, Shimmer #11 will go to the printers.

I consider September my anniversary month because this is when I began working for Locus and had just become staff for Shimmer.

Happy second anniversary to me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New book for weekend.

This makes me happy. It's a writer I'm not familiar with.

EV and Shimmer are gearing up for our next issues, but in varying stages of production. Normally I don't bring up the production of any 'zines in my queue. Two are monthly, two are not, and the latter pair often arrive in proofreading around the same time.

And the SPWW (Sanctuary Press Writing Workshop) will run at ConClave 34.

Life is good. Busy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Freebie contest

At Clarkesworld. Go post and win the anthology/ARC or Paul's novel. I'm surprised this hasn't made it over to actually, but maybe I'm premature.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Link project

Not every day, but say once a week or so, I'd like to share some of the writing tips I find. Many of them are links.

I needed some laughter a bit ago, so I went over to Scalzi (and because his post about wanting his Hugo is a riot). That took me to Justine, who pointed out Asking the Wrong Questions. Justine also covers them. I suggest reading both links.

Moonrat [editorialass] has news smatterings.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marketing tips.

Some of the blogs and other links I find end up stored in my emails, including mailing lists.

Tonight I decided to store a post here, from Market My Words. That's the point of having labels in Blogger after all. :> Molly O'Neill, the guest blogger, talks about the importance of web presence and other tips for authors.

It's a really good post.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Discovery: editorialass

Through, I found E.A. talking about deadlines and why it's important to hit them. She gives all sorts of really good publishing tips. I've linked her to the side of my page here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Hugo award

EV won the Hugo! Best Fanzine 2009

How's that for all sorts of awesome???

It's all John, I joined EV just after he'd picked everything for 2008-2009. I'm still excited. Huzzah!

Edited to add: Nice words from Kevin to the NYRSF staff.

I have the coolest editors. Really, I do.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer break: Offline

I'll be working at Pennsic War 24-July through 9-August. Please catch me when I return... or sometime before then.

I will get back into email sometime 10-August.

Thank you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another book inbound...

Due in June. Interestingly enough, I believe it is the same day I had a book due last summer.

And I just discovered that there is an author who has had a story come out every June for 25 years in Asimov's: James Patrick Kelly.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring 2009

No, I don't post much. I spend more time in email.

(Considering today's date, I must say this is no foolin'.)

Sometimes I'll post about upcoming cons here, or updates for my 'zine obligations.

For example, Shimmer is celebrating our tenth issue with a completely free electronic edition.

Electric Velocipede 17/18 will be out soon... and EV was nominated for the Hugo as Best Fanzine.

2009 con news:

Penguicon is next month, over the first weekend of May. SPWW is not running the workshop -- we get a vacation -- and the excellent Jim Hines and Catherynne Valente are running one instead.

ConClave 34 will have "Doc" Travis Taylor and Brother Guy this October. They are both REALLY cool. I did a shameless plug for this over at EV. Unlike last year, I hope to hear a whole panel of Travis' -- and it'd be neat to hear Brother Guy also!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another book job

It should arrive Thursday.

So this month will be somewhat busier than expected. :>

Monday, January 26, 2009

Entering 2009

Last month, I became the Managing Editor for Shimmer. Sometime in 2009, Shimmer will re-open to submissions. The website is being updated.

So both my fiction 'zines have me as double-classed. :>

This summer, I mean to go on vacation at Pennsic War. Probably for one week. I'll be working at the Pennsic Independent.

Other news will be posted here later.

Happy Year of the Ox to you!

Fiction markets & research

Today I added Story Pilot. Whenever you check any of these markets, make sure that's what you want -- PA's site, for example, does ALL markets he's heard of. Story Pilot specializes in sf/f/h.

Preditors & Editors, like Piers Anthony, list all they know. Not just genre.

Cross-reference. Don't just grab and run. Absolute Write is there to help you interact with other authors and see what they're saying.