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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wheatland Press in need!

Polyphony is an anthology done by a small press, which perhaps you've heard of. Perhaps not, also.

The Clock Ticks on Polyphony 7.Link

We lost several anthology series this year. :<

Such as The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror... although Horror was resurrected as the Best Horror of the Year by another publisher, Night Shade Books. Just when it looked like we readers were going to have so many lovely choices and always be happy... the crunch everywhere is, of course, affecting anthologies [and collections]. Remember, if you don't buy books, authors don't eat. It's that simple.

The same applies to editors, agents, and publishers, particularly small presses. Printing paper books is not cheap.

Please pass the word along. Thanks!

(Cross-posted, with some added bits.)

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