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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Detroit and TIME

TIME Magazine bought a house in Detroit. Because they care, say I.

=smile= Sports Illustrated said because Detroit is at heart a sports town.

I know that to many people who don't live in Michigan, Detroit stands for Michigan. I love my state. I remember coming back on Greyhound once, and seeing Detroit got me all choked up. That meant I was really home, seeing the Ambassador Bridge, the Fox Theater, the Ren Cen... knowing the parts you couldn't see from the road, like Belle Isle and Trappers Alley. Things I cannot describe easily here, even. As much a part of my life as Oakland University is.

Detroit's my city too. Right now I live a few miles from the edge of city limits.

So this hasn't anything to do with my usual links about writing and publishing, or cons -- but there's journalists here.

We're all in this together. ("You, me, her and him," as Sondheim says.) Libraries, cities, states... people.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Losing libraries.

Moonrat posted about Philadelphia's libraries and publishing. I began from her link because she talks about the importance of libraries to readers and to publishers.

Max told me about a local library's problems. The Troy Public Library or 20 police officers??

So I found that Michigan's libraries got cut also. Here is MeL's save library funding.

Please look around at your libraries. See if they're in trouble. Ask if there's anything you can do, or your kids, or your family, or your friends: Volunteer. Donations. Spreading the word.

We need our libraries, all of us. Don't let them die.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lies, plot, & publishing 'zines.

Jeremiah Tolbert has the 5 Lies Writers Believe About Editors. Not only is it marvelous, and funny, it makes perfect sense. Even to me -- and I'm not an acquisitions editor, I don't read slush, nor do I handle line/content editing.

And Patrick said something excellent about plot, involving, ah, contrivances... which I found hilarious.

The first two came from Moonrat, earlier this month. :>

ETA: Whither Goest Thou, Print Short Fiction? About running a 'zine, e-rights, etc. Do note that some of the links inside the comments are broken and revert to the main article instead.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My second anniversary.

I have another book job in. :>

The Clave workshop will prepare critiques in a few weeks. Soon, Shimmer #11 will go to the printers.

I consider September my anniversary month because this is when I began working for Locus and had just become staff for Shimmer.

Happy second anniversary to me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New book for weekend.

This makes me happy. It's a writer I'm not familiar with.

EV and Shimmer are gearing up for our next issues, but in varying stages of production. Normally I don't bring up the production of any 'zines in my queue. Two are monthly, two are not, and the latter pair often arrive in proofreading around the same time.

And the SPWW (Sanctuary Press Writing Workshop) will run at ConClave 34.

Life is good. Busy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Freebie contest

At Clarkesworld. Go post and win the anthology/ARC or Paul's novel. I'm surprised this hasn't made it over to actually, but maybe I'm premature.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Link project

Not every day, but say once a week or so, I'd like to share some of the writing tips I find. Many of them are links.

I needed some laughter a bit ago, so I went over to Scalzi (and because his post about wanting his Hugo is a riot). That took me to Justine, who pointed out Asking the Wrong Questions. Justine also covers them. I suggest reading both links.

Moonrat [editorialass] has news smatterings.