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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weather/life update.

What an exciting winter travail it's been so far, and that's not even counting last month!

Michigan hit a record for January snowfall:  over 31.5 inches as of yesterday.  Our normal snowfall?  Oh, a mere 12+ inches.

The fear is that we'll break the winter cold record too.  Right now we're in the top five coldest January records, matching the year 1875.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Worldcon and Hugos 2014.

Are you going to London for Worldcon 2014?

The hotel listing for Loncon3 is displayed below.

And I gotta admit... I've been looking forward to nominating Sherlock season 3 for the 2014 Hugos.  (When you see this season, you'll understand.)  All the eps and the mini-ep too.  8D

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ConFusion this weekend!

Legendary ConFusion, in fact.

It'll be awesome.  Come see!

Ping John or me if you're looking for the wake party for Electric Velocipede.

By ping, if you have my mobile number, text me.  If you lack it, shoot me an email before FRIDAY 17-Jan-2014.  (No, sorry, not posting it here, thanks.)

Or Tweet; apparently I am Google's only Anne Zanoni on Twitter.  Who knew?

I don't use mobile Twitter, so I won't be on Twitter all weekend.  Do not try Tweeting me about the party or the con if you expect a timely response.

I think I am the main ringleader.  8)  So to speak.