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Thursday, May 16, 2013

(Shhh!) Juggling colored pens here.

Tight deadline in.  I realize that I blog over at my fan blog far more than here, but in case you're wondering where I am, I'm inside a deadline.

I left a bunch of Tweets scheduled for the next few days, mostly but not all for my SH-fan mode... but I will be around in email for work and any crises.

I'll check DMs too, I imagine.  Be back Tweeting and such in four weeks.

ETA:  I may schedule blog drafts to finally post here.  Depends on how things are going with work by this weekend.  8)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Much valuable advice for authors.

"Why I am Going Hybrid" by Bradley P. Beaulieu.

Slipping into fandom and your part in the all-volunteer group known as fandom (which runs cons...  How to change a Worldcon.

The advantages of having an agent.

Debut author lessons: Hate mail by Mary Robinette Kowal.  And do go check out the others (Debut author lessons) as I happened to see this at Lesson 14 of 14.

The Care and Feeding of an Author.

So You Want to Be a Writer by Lawrence Watt-Evans.

And because by the time you finish a book, and finish the revisions, you will reach the copy-edits... Edit Your Shit.  Part One of a series by the ineffable Chuck Wendig.