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Monday, April 24, 2017

Cats' yard empire.

On 14-April, I finally succeeded in reaching the local Humane Society, and fetched home a cat trap.

Too late, apparently. :/

I'd thought I might catch Vee in time, but getting the trap on a Friday made that problematic. I didn't want to catch her Friday evening, not and leave her trapped for days! She'd be prey to coons who'd consider her a convenient snack.

Sweetpea had her kittens sometime during 15 or 16-April.  Maybe even on Easter; but we weren't here until evening. 8(

Then Sweetpea went rather feral for a few days. Wednesday [?] she turned back into her usual affectionate self, and was very happy to see me, to come inside and be petted more, and to keep telling me that she loved me. "Pet me MORE!" said my grey cat.

The sisters [Sweetie and Vee] now that they're both mothers [maybe] aren't on the greatest of speaking terms right now. I had to tell Vee to behave when she growled at Sweetpea... which is likely a Sign that Vee does indeed have a couple of live kittens stashed somewhere. The shed, probably.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Copyediting: 2008+...

Tom Lehrer talks about people advertising what they've done... and as y'know, I too can do that. 8)

Back when I was starting out, I did more pro bono work. Not only because it is what TNH recommended to me, it was also that I had more free time in 2008.

I'd done nonfiction proofreading since 1989. I was anxious to do fiction next.

What I didn't know... was that inside of two years, I'd be proofreading and/or copyediting two nonfiction magazines, and two fiction 'zines. I started working on fiction novels barely four months after becoming the freelancer who proofread Locus.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lists and surviving ADHD...

Instead of blogging about the cats [alas!] or other things, like copyediting or rants... today I'm doing an informational blog post. This is for my reference as well as anyone else, of course. 8)

It's also so I can close more tabs. :b