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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lists and surviving ADHD...

Instead of blogging about the cats [alas!] or other things, like copyediting or rants... today I'm doing an informational blog post. This is for my reference as well as anyone else, of course. 8)

It's also so I can close more tabs. :b

I've been interested in something that emails me parts of my lists. I love making lists. Always have.

Chores, reminders, that sort of thing. 8)

A friend mentioned habitica to me; I found its site today. I'm not a fan. I don't need to try it to know that. I play games to play games. A game-style list motivator, not my cuppa.

I tried flylady very briefly many years ago. Could not stand. Tried again today. Same chirpy attitude of "do all THESE things, clean this, do that" turned me off.

Suggestions are the way to go with me, being friendly and human. Not commanding. Anyone who shouts "I iz the authority! You must do the things. You must... you must... you!!" tends to rub me the wrong way.

Today, I lasted less than a minute on flylady, in case you're wondering.

UfYH looks intriguing to me.

Anyone who is that open-minded strikes a chord... someone who points out that hey, your life and my life may be very dissimilar. We may [not] share challenges, you might have kids [I do not] while I have pets. Maybe you stay at home/work remotely; maybe not. That's someone with my kind of attitude.

And Wunderlist just has an appealing name, along with a nice clean-looking interface.  Very attractive!

Last... I once had a therapist who suggested I had ADD.

I disdained this, not because I disagreed, but more because I didn't want nor need another medication. [My then-SO was all "Oh, so are you going on medication for that??" as chipper as if that solution was a GREAT idea. Didn't help. Dork.] I might add that I objected to being looked at as a set of symptoms as well.

That was back in '02.

I didn't know much about ADD either. Been reading up on it lately.

I'm reading FAST MINDS. Yep. Going by that, I hit three of these when depressive... and all the rest all the time.

Achieving below potential. 
Stuck in a rut. 
Time challenged.  

Motivationally challenged. 
Novelty seeking.

As my new therapist pointed out, that means I'm highly like to be hyperactive and ADHD. When not manic, I ought not to be any of the other five traits constantly.

Yet I am. And I have been for decades now. I'm not manic, the last time I was manic was 1994.

Or if you read the Miles Vorkosigan books, consider when someone says that you can't miss "the hyperactive little git." Miles is very like me. Really.

=-= Bipolar update: Yes, I'm still hypomanic. Or back down to hypomanic, which is a huge win. =-=

Right now added meds seem to have reset me -- almost back to where I was about a fortnight ago. Trust me, this is good news! I was a hair or two below manic last week. Hypomania should not WAX, particularly not when mine was on the wane.  Terrifying. 8(

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