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Friday, March 10, 2017

Some c/e highlights...

I do work on a wide variety within genre. Horror, dark fiction, GLBTQ sf/f romances, fantasy, sf/f alternate universes, YA, urban fantasies, paranormal fantasies, and much more. Just because I enjoyed working on a project doesn't mean you'll automatically like reading it, of course.

So I highly recommend checking genre first -- unless you, like me, have widely catholic tastes in reading (catholic the adjective, not the religion). If you like being surprised, then just leap in. That's what I do. :D


In 2014, I was offered Tekken: The Dark History of Mishima. That was fun. Only time I've ever been allowed to use "cartoon physics" as a guideline.

Tekken was translated into English, by an editor I knew... and who'd recruited me for my first paying gig as a freelancer. I really enjoyed working again with her.


In 2015 I did three novellas for  My first was David Tallerman's Patchwerk -- here's a fine review of't. The second was Emily Foster's The Drowning Eyes; excerpts here

The third novella was by Michael R. Underwood, who I know both as an author, and who does work for both Angry Robot Books and Mike's novella was The Absconded Ambassador.

Dave is one of my author penpals, for whom I have done short fiction and novels (in fact, two of the four are in that prize pack). Emily was the only one I'd never interacted with or done any work with beforehand. Later she and I Tweeted to each other. :)

And 2015 was also the year where I had four new clients. Four! I'm still happily shocked by that.


Alongside, I had several other really fine projects in 2015... such as the reprint of The Great Bazaar and Brayan's Gold with Tachyon Publishing. Plus original novels like the YA Jackdaw and the Randoms with Hot Key Books, and The Real Justine by Stephen Amidon (publisher: Pegasus House).

Moving backward to 2014: Lane Robins' Renovation, a gentle-seeming paranormal/gay romance, via my long-time client, Blind Eye Books. Next, the sf/horror novella The Beauty by Aliya Whiteley (publisher: Unsung Stories).

In 2014, I also had my penultimate copyedit for Angry Robot Books, right before Lee Harris moved to Tim Waggoner's Night Terrors. The first Shadow Watch book. Paranormal alternate universe, think X-Files paranoia with amazing worldbuilding, while dreams are a major aspect. Cooler'n Dreamscape!


Over in 2016, I did The Black River Chronicles: Level One, which is by Dave; see his blog (and his Books Out in 2016 post). Easiest YA I ever did. Likable people too. 8)

There is a Sekrit Reason also. Had you clicked on the Amazonia link in the past, someone you know was under the byline. (Was listed as "edited by" me.) Looks like Amazonia struck that off though, in favor of Ed Greenwood for the foreword... ah well, fame is fleeting! Right? ;)

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