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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The importance of research and wonder...

Crows using tools -- no, this isn't made-up either.

Story as meme, to create change... is something that Mark Chadbourn is interested in.

William defines genre. This is really excellent -- what a great spot of "finding" that I'm having. But it does come down sometimes to knowing cool articulate people, and/or expecting to find 'em. Or as a friend of Steve's said, paraphrased: Why shouldn't he write about witty intelligent people? That's who he knows!

I have neglected keeping up with Moonie lately. She hasn't failed me -- Moonie's links:
Now WYAOD is officially in June [thanks, Moonie!]. :D So you can still make it!

I think that's much food for thought, eh?

Particularly when I had half a night's insomnia... don't worry, I only spent about an hour or so, wandering through Moonie's links [and 31 of her own posts, sigh]. Happy March to you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ansible & scam awards...

I found Dave at Ansible talking about mystery, when I was sadly wanting some Anthony Boucher. I've only read a little of Tony's work, and oh! He was amazing. What I really want to read now is his Nine Times Nine, written under a pen name.

Tony was instrumental in much sf/f and mystery fandom. Check out his Wikipedia page for a quick look... or stick with Dave, who lovingly writes about Tony and his work.

Another great bit from Ansible: Nick Lowe's The Well-Tempered Plot Device. Which I learned about from Neil Gaiman. :D

Plot coupons! The Lord of the... ahem. =muffled howls and giggles=

And from Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware, an alert about those awards that are really scams.
BTW, Writer Beware is seeking guest bloggers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More links, late Feb.

From the Bookmooch blog, about the first sale doctrine and current legal battles.

It's an important distinction. I don't own the book, I own a copy of the book, so I can give or lend or sell that book... but what's inside still belongs to the copyright holders.

I'll follow up more links from that myself.

Today I got email from colleague David Louis Edelman -- who is the very coolest person for promoting books, really he is. [Also just plain cool, but there you have it.] David writes the coolest emails about his books. They leave me in awe. I wish I could post February's Writing News here. It's gorgeous.

Of course, you can get it yourself by subscribing to his list. :D

We met at Penguicon, where he pitched in with the writing workshop.

David has a guest blog today at Whatever about the final Jump 225 book, Geosynchron. Go. Explore. Get books...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two bookish links.

John's interviewed about submissions, EV, reviewing stories for SFF, etc. Make sure you read the part about the brown M&Ms carefully!

Really, I mean that -- it's important.

Jeremy at Night Shade Books talks about ebooks and book-buying... I like hearing his take on this, and I'm glad for people who thus find books. Very interesting.

Yet I hate the "recommended" engines. I don't want to know what Amazon, or 'bookswap, or anyone else thinks I'd like. Why? In most cases, over ninety-something percent, they're dead wrong.

About on par with the annoying commercials, really!

I've always been pretty good at finding things I like to read. I may average maybe one rec per person/source that connects for me. But maybe I just don't keep track well either.

Sorry to have been quiet, at least wrt comments here. I should be a little better [she says with hope] a week hence.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzards 2010.

Maybe the great blizzards missed you, but not me here in Ohio. :>

I'd been wondering when it'd hit Michigan, and it did -- this week.

Dear Mr. Frost, about that epic snow...

Someday I can tell my nephew all about this. He was born last Thursday, so I have to wait a while. :> You know, uphill in the snow, the sort of There I Was story -- this is what happened to me the day after you were born.

I wonder what my niece will tell him...

I went hunting for our mailbox, which some driver took out Friday -- we live on a curvy road -- but it was buried by the first blizzard. Still not found before the next storm.

Anyway, wherever you live, I hope you're well and not snowbound. If you are snowbound, I hope you have horses [or cats, if not both]. They've decided that the humans need to make this stuff go away now, it's no fun anymore.

This month I got three books. It is a February of snow and words, it is! :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Links: Feb. 2010

William's take on indie presses. Something I love about the (many) smart people I know is that they tell or explain things so well... I'd be envious, except that it's too excellent.

The amiable Rachel Olivier, my generous colleague and kind friend, did an interview in 2008. She tried many options while seeking work, and did very well. I highly recommend learning how she did so.

There's a new literary project in town. Go see!

And for entertainment, another friend of mine found the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity. He listed No. 4 on his blog [hi, Joel!].

Another funny -- one debut author's take on Amazonfail. :> Enjoy!

New milestone:

I've got three books this month, which all came in this week. So that busy for this month thing? Increased.

I may be a leetle quiet here.

Definitely a happy crazy-busy though!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 February.

Also busy. I have a book in now that's unusual and really neat, from a repeat client, and a new prospect as well.

So I may be rearranging some of my 'zine commitments.

Outside work, I am doing bureaucratic Stuff related to my move here.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Amazon Fail: 2010

You've likely heard about Amazon and Macmillan. If you haven't, this is a good time. For some excerpts to pull you in, Teresa has an overview at Making Light.

Note that John Scalzi's summing-up today, which I first saw quoted by Teresa, made me laugh for a very long time. Go, John!

Scott Westerfeld defines the stakes. Kudos, Scott! It may be childish of me, but I love your PS especially. :>

Charlie Stross pulls no punches, as always. :D I got Charlie's link an outsider's guide from Scott, btw.

Tobias Buckell explains the sausage-making aspect, which includes hard figures and economics -- which he rightly bills as the "intimate details of publishing" -- and very well worth the time needed to read it.

And Scalzi also gives several reports, such as a Quick Note on eBook Pricing and It's All About Timing.

All this reminds me why I love my Tribe. I wish I could articulate why meaningfully right now, but -- damn, I'm pleased, and I love you all for thinking and then telling us all about it. Because sf readers are thinkers [paraphrase of Fred Pohl].

CNET also details why e-books aren't cheaper. [Through Scalzi -- thanks, John!!] That's plenty, except as leavening, here's a cool post by the Sage HapiSofi, from Absolute Write... on $1000 copy editing.