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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The importance of research and wonder...

Crows using tools -- no, this isn't made-up either.

Story as meme, to create change... is something that Mark Chadbourn is interested in.

William defines genre. This is really excellent -- what a great spot of "finding" that I'm having. But it does come down sometimes to knowing cool articulate people, and/or expecting to find 'em. Or as a friend of Steve's said, paraphrased: Why shouldn't he write about witty intelligent people? That's who he knows!

I have neglected keeping up with Moonie lately. She hasn't failed me -- Moonie's links:
Now WYAOD is officially in June [thanks, Moonie!]. :D So you can still make it!

I think that's much food for thought, eh?

Particularly when I had half a night's insomnia... don't worry, I only spent about an hour or so, wandering through Moonie's links [and 31 of her own posts, sigh]. Happy March to you.

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