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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two bookish links.

John's interviewed about submissions, EV, reviewing stories for SFF, etc. Make sure you read the part about the brown M&Ms carefully!

Really, I mean that -- it's important.

Jeremy at Night Shade Books talks about ebooks and book-buying... I like hearing his take on this, and I'm glad for people who thus find books. Very interesting.

Yet I hate the "recommended" engines. I don't want to know what Amazon, or 'bookswap, or anyone else thinks I'd like. Why? In most cases, over ninety-something percent, they're dead wrong.

About on par with the annoying commercials, really!

I've always been pretty good at finding things I like to read. I may average maybe one rec per person/source that connects for me. But maybe I just don't keep track well either.

Sorry to have been quiet, at least wrt comments here. I should be a little better [she says with hope] a week hence.

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