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Monday, February 1, 2010

Amazon Fail: 2010

You've likely heard about Amazon and Macmillan. If you haven't, this is a good time. For some excerpts to pull you in, Teresa has an overview at Making Light.

Note that John Scalzi's summing-up today, which I first saw quoted by Teresa, made me laugh for a very long time. Go, John!

Scott Westerfeld defines the stakes. Kudos, Scott! It may be childish of me, but I love your PS especially. :>

Charlie Stross pulls no punches, as always. :D I got Charlie's link an outsider's guide from Scott, btw.

Tobias Buckell explains the sausage-making aspect, which includes hard figures and economics -- which he rightly bills as the "intimate details of publishing" -- and very well worth the time needed to read it.

And Scalzi also gives several reports, such as a Quick Note on eBook Pricing and It's All About Timing.

All this reminds me why I love my Tribe. I wish I could articulate why meaningfully right now, but -- damn, I'm pleased, and I love you all for thinking and then telling us all about it. Because sf readers are thinkers [paraphrase of Fred Pohl].

CNET also details why e-books aren't cheaper. [Through Scalzi -- thanks, John!!] That's plenty, except as leavening, here's a cool post by the Sage HapiSofi, from Absolute Write... on $1000 copy editing.

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