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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzards 2010.

Maybe the great blizzards missed you, but not me here in Ohio. :>

I'd been wondering when it'd hit Michigan, and it did -- this week.

Dear Mr. Frost, about that epic snow...

Someday I can tell my nephew all about this. He was born last Thursday, so I have to wait a while. :> You know, uphill in the snow, the sort of There I Was story -- this is what happened to me the day after you were born.

I wonder what my niece will tell him...

I went hunting for our mailbox, which some driver took out Friday -- we live on a curvy road -- but it was buried by the first blizzard. Still not found before the next storm.

Anyway, wherever you live, I hope you're well and not snowbound. If you are snowbound, I hope you have horses [or cats, if not both]. They've decided that the humans need to make this stuff go away now, it's no fun anymore.

This month I got three books. It is a February of snow and words, it is! :D


Baba Taro said...

Here in Buffalo, we're kind of smiling wryly as everyone else experiences what we get about every 3 to 10 years - sorry for you, glad for us.

But then there are the folks around DC who've gotten one of these on top of another! Incredible. Awfully glad I'm not there.

Or in Michigan, for that matter.

Starbuck O'Shea said...

Yes, I just heard from people in MI that they got whapped up there.

I remember the blizzard in December 2000; I had a little S-10 and its bed was full of snow.

So this is like unto lake effect weather! I hear that it doesn't hit Ohio this badly, usu. -- just my luck to now be living in SW Ohio, eh? :>

Rachel said...

It's been sunny and 65 here and next week will be sunny and 75. But I like this that you said: "It is a February of snow and words."

That's the beginning of a poem or a story or an Annie Dillard-like essay.