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Sunday, September 14, 2008

New book job in: sf novel

Really delighted, as I've been anticipating this one.

Also, I'll be at ConClave 33 for the writing workshop next month... during 3-5 October.

As will many of the writers I know: Rick Moore, Jim Hines, Lucy Snyder -- plus Steve Buchheit, Merrie Haskell, Dave Klecha, and Gary Braunbeck -- and of course M. Keaton, M. Andaluz, Daniel Hogan, William Jones, and Steve Climer.

At Clave, I would really love to discuss Robert Asprin's contributions to f/sf. We have shared-world anthologies because of Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey. I wish we had met. The Dorsai will mourn him for us, and I need to go mourn with them.

Later this autumn, I will post more writing links. Happy September to you.
  • Edited 22-Sept-08: Lucy and Gary will not be able to attend Clave after all. Hoping to see them later, at Penguicon, perhaps.