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Friday, December 31, 2010

Final 2010 links.

Links before the year dies:

A Modest Proposal (regarding ebooks)

This one comes with a caveat -- muchness of cussing -- which the title alone should give you an idea of: Should I Self-Publish: A Motherfucking Checklist

And Clarkeworld just got a shiny rocket! Long awaited, that's been. Isn't it lovely?

Congrats to Neil & the Clarkesworld crew!

Happy 2011 to one and all. :D

ETA: One last link, courtesy of friends at Twitter. AT&T releases dramatic anti-texting while driving documentary

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sharing the holidays...

This fantastic image is from Day Two.
Go on, read it -- you know you want to!

Over December, I've been reading the Angry Robot Advent Day Calendar as I get time -- mostly in chunks, several days at a time. [What! Haven't you?] Some guest bloggers have taken a few of the slots. Adam Christopher notices what getting e-books has done to his collector gene...

Guy Adams has A Problem of Percentages.

And don't forget the robot folktale! From the Angry Robot Roundup (of course).

Colin Harvey talks about his schedule, and about taking regular breaks -- I strongly second him on breaks. Especially when I'm proofreading, I need to rest my eyes and get away from the computer more than when I'm reading hard copy.

Soo... Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More on c/e.

I wanted to post this today because I'm a copy editor... and I like to help authors understand what I (we) do, as well as what other authors do.

I typically recommend that authors read up on what Deanna Hoak says about c/e. Now I'd go read Marty Halpern's blog for the same reason. Starting with this post Writing with Style (Sheets, That Is) over at More Red Ink.

Also, well, I enjoy reading what they have to say about our mutual job. They help me learn too. Thanks so much!

Note: I actually found Marty's post because of the Inspector Chen series, now with Morrigan Books. I'm reminded of Tom Lehrer saying, "It has been a nervous year"; with the ups and downs of 2010, yes, I could agree with that.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just three links.

Today, freelance projects, charity publishing, and editors...

This came up on LinkedIn, through one of my groups there, a freelancer beware: 10 red flags that shout 'Stay away from this project!'

Charity e-book company launched. It's sf, so if you're interested in helping, hit up H&H Books.

And Peter Beagle talks about editors, with his current editor, Connor Cochran. :D Editors and of course writing.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A few book & 'zine links

Books -- from paper to e-books...

On The Certain Economics Of Relegating Paper Books To The Margins Of The Business

And magazines:

Realms of Fantasy Déjà vu

I wonder if, some day, we will all look back and say, "What! Oh, e-books, remember when print was dying or dead?"

Piracy and e-books...

And as I've lately read The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes... here's a recent article about the Great Detective.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The book that got away...?

Have you heard that there's a new Miles Vorkosigan book out?

And curses, I came back from WFC, and I hadn't got it. No problem, I was trying to not kill myself in carrying things. It's a book, it's new, I can get it... =gnaws fingernails=

So Baen pulled a fast one on me. I had Esther Friesner's Fangs for the Mammaries. I thought I was safe.

Indeed not. Guess what's in the back of that?

Yep. Cryoburn. First chapter.

Lois interviews Miles herself...

Jo Walton has a great essay about Miles. I didn't link to it up top because -- if you haven't read all the series -- this tells you all about the series. For me her essay's great, since I read the Vorkosigan saga [nearly] to death. I've proofread a few of the books too. But for you, go read the series first.

It's fabulous, and I love it. I love Miles and his family.

And then you can join us on the reread. I'm sure Jo will do this again. :D