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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The book that got away...?

Have you heard that there's a new Miles Vorkosigan book out?

And curses, I came back from WFC, and I hadn't got it. No problem, I was trying to not kill myself in carrying things. It's a book, it's new, I can get it... =gnaws fingernails=

So Baen pulled a fast one on me. I had Esther Friesner's Fangs for the Mammaries. I thought I was safe.

Indeed not. Guess what's in the back of that?

Yep. Cryoburn. First chapter.

Lois interviews Miles herself...

Jo Walton has a great essay about Miles. I didn't link to it up top because -- if you haven't read all the series -- this tells you all about the series. For me her essay's great, since I read the Vorkosigan saga [nearly] to death. I've proofread a few of the books too. But for you, go read the series first.

It's fabulous, and I love it. I love Miles and his family.

And then you can join us on the reread. I'm sure Jo will do this again. :D

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