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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Bordertown!

Terri Windling has News from Bordertown. (And More News too.)

I grew up on Bordertown -- but I didn't, not really; that is, the inner me was all there, but I'm not sure when I found the stories first. When I found Finder some years ago, I was in alt. And then, of course, I found Elsewhere and Nevernever.

Considering that Emma Bull can never go wrong, and Will Shetterly matches her every moment with Wolfboy -- you are so in for a fabulous ride. That'll make you hungry for the rest.

Let me tell you about Bordertown...

First, some amazing authors have written stories there. Even if you start with the novels, above, you'll want to read all the stories. Get the anthologies. Cherish 'em.

If I'd been a teen when I read these, I would have run away to B-town. End of story. Despite knowing that running away doesn't always solve your problems.

But for some kids, at least in B-town, running away does solve your problems. Normally I wouldn't say that.

Kudos to my friend Wolf, the first person I'd ever met who also loved Bordertown.

Thanks to Christopher Barzak, who has a story in this lovely new anthology... I wish I hadn't missed it at WFC!!! Thanks for spreading the word, Chris!

... And yeah, I would have mugged somebody for a copy of the ARC. Probably best all around that I didn't know about it. =whimper=

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