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Monday, November 15, 2010

More November links -- cont'd.

Publishing in the Future: The Potential and Reality of POD

This was something I missed at WFC, the Authors and Ideas Panel, and the moderator kindly wrote up some excerpts. Thanks, Jason!

From TNH: Ugly Rumours -- Frankfort Book Fair.

A 2008 interview of Moonrat, over at the League of Reluctant Adults. :D

And we bloggers just lost Nathan Bransford too, dammit. The uber-agent has gone into another industry. I am so sad. He promises to leave up his wonderful archives.

I also found this interview of PNH. Some questions I've been asked about editing [and editors] are answered halfway down. :>

Interestingly enough, Patrick mentions something Teresa said about getting into fandom. [This is near the end, before Whisperado.] When I joined fandom, I did bring two people -- my brother and another friend -- along to the con. I became a hard-core lifer; neither of them did. However, entering fandom was already a goal of mine, from reading about fandom in Asimov's The Hugo Winners.

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