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Monday, November 1, 2010

WFC Halloween

Because she was on my mind this weekend, an essay from Lois M. Bujold about distribution.

I'll be all about WFC for quite some time, I'd say. Loved it. So exhausted.

So I'll just put down a few impressions of yesterday.

Yesterday I was between two World Fantasy Awards, Margo Lanagan's and Susan Marie Groppi's. John Klima had Margo's and Genevieve Valentine had Susan's.

Gene Wolfe made me cry. He accepted his award, and when you hear the emotion in the voice of someone who's that affected by the honor... what else can you do? Now, almost a day later, I realize that I wish I could have given him a hug; I hope enough other people thought of that.

Fabulous weekend.

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