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Friday, January 29, 2010

Links: January

Locus Magazine is seeking interns.

Although I enjoyed being the runner and part-time law library clerk back in 1989... I realize now that I would have killed to be Locus' intern. Half my lifetime ago. :> They may not send you to a castle like my law firm did -- but you never know, they might.

Kid Goth: Neil Gaiman. :D 'Nuff said, right? Heh.

I agree that Coraline is creepier for adults, because I now have a serious phobia about button eyes, which I can honestly blame on Neil. I love him anyway; he's too nice a person for any other choice.

The WSNB needs YOUR help!

And I have somewhat of a personal interest, in that I have proofed two different ads for this book -- one ad's running in EV 20, and t'other ran in EV 19. Go forth and buy it! (I just did.) The cover art's lovely, BTW.

Charlie Stross on monetization, aka why Google is not my friend.
Cory Doctorow explains about new media in Close enough for rock 'n' roll.

Author Kage Baker is dying of cancer... and hasn't much longer. John posted about her in his miscellany, and Jeff VanderMeer has given contact info for reaching her. Please, if she matters to you, take a bit to write her. Today. Please.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Images of ConFusion

So... my time at ConFusion was a mixture of seeing friends and meeting new people; room parties; William Jones' launch party for Pallid Light, and William's photos of same; and the Sunday wedding of Richard Tucholka and Melody Natcher.

The latter featured Cthulhu bouquets for the bridesmaids, and the cake had a giant silver UFO hanging off the side. The processional was The Addams Family theme. Most memorable ever wedding.

I can't figure out why the legions of photographers haven't posted pix yet!

I spent much time in the dealers' room, and some time hanging out in the gaming area. :>

Here's Peter S. Beagle singing. :D I also got to Mike Resnick's Sunday reading, which was fantastic.

Some folks I met:
  • Monique Magee and Robert Lazich at Dwarf Planet Press [which comes out of ECDI]
  • John Grace of Brillance Audio, who then let me lead him around the dealer room
  • Chris Chivers of Naloomi's Workshop, makers of really cool architecture for miniatures to run amok in
  • Gozer Games, the creators of Collateral Damage, an anime boardgame; they also ran a Zombie/Ninja/Pirates/Mad Scientist party :D
  • I also spoke with Connor, who ran Peter S. Beagle's booth, and saw the gorgeous new artwork there by a talented young artist

And the Rebel Legion was present, so between them and the steampunk crew -- for which I cannot yet locate pix, alas! -- the con was pretty colorful. There is nothing in this world, truly, like seeing Princess Leia in her original white dress leaning over a white laptop.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Something to read..."

Paula Guran on the WSJ, which bewails the death of the slush pile.

My friend Jeremy talks about where his WiP are: Threepio?!?

M. Keaton tells how it used to be. :D

-- Considering that I was just looking up a certain kind of signature format... which I still haven't yet located... Anyone else who remembers pounding on typewriters, sing out.

Angry Robot sample chapters, Feb. 2010.

So do count this as a bit of entertainment along with whatever else. :> I won't be online much, barring email, while I'm out of town. Starting Thursday. Try not to break the InterWeb while I'm gone. ;d

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mid-January -- right?

I haven't been reading any blogs except EV, so no other links today.

I delivered my January book, and now I'm on my smaller deadlines -- smaller as in lower word counts. So this week is all about 'zines. :> I sent in NYSRF already; time for Locus, Shimmer, and EV.

FYI: That book was about 98k, so one of my higher word counts.

I'll also be packing for my trip. I keep feeling like it's next week, or nearly next weekend, so I look at the calendar a lot. Nothing like living in the future a little too much!

ETA: Moonie on OW, or, the Dreaded Overwriter!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New policy for 2010...

Instead of shouting "A book, I have a new book in!" -- I will start saying just how full my schedule is. Less repetitive, eh?


  1. Deliver one proofread this month...
  2. ... And then start another, due early Feb.
  3. Visit Michigan and thus my niece, parents, aunt, cousins, and many friends.
  4. Attend ConFusion. That's up in Troy, where I used to live some years back, and north of Detroit. This is where a friend of long standing will get married. :D
So this month is pretty full. Hope your 2010 is starting off well!