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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Images of ConFusion

So... my time at ConFusion was a mixture of seeing friends and meeting new people; room parties; William Jones' launch party for Pallid Light, and William's photos of same; and the Sunday wedding of Richard Tucholka and Melody Natcher.

The latter featured Cthulhu bouquets for the bridesmaids, and the cake had a giant silver UFO hanging off the side. The processional was The Addams Family theme. Most memorable ever wedding.

I can't figure out why the legions of photographers haven't posted pix yet!

I spent much time in the dealers' room, and some time hanging out in the gaming area. :>

Here's Peter S. Beagle singing. :D I also got to Mike Resnick's Sunday reading, which was fantastic.

Some folks I met:
  • Monique Magee and Robert Lazich at Dwarf Planet Press [which comes out of ECDI]
  • John Grace of Brillance Audio, who then let me lead him around the dealer room
  • Chris Chivers of Naloomi's Workshop, makers of really cool architecture for miniatures to run amok in
  • Gozer Games, the creators of Collateral Damage, an anime boardgame; they also ran a Zombie/Ninja/Pirates/Mad Scientist party :D
  • I also spoke with Connor, who ran Peter S. Beagle's booth, and saw the gorgeous new artwork there by a talented young artist

And the Rebel Legion was present, so between them and the steampunk crew -- for which I cannot yet locate pix, alas! -- the con was pretty colorful. There is nothing in this world, truly, like seeing Princess Leia in her original white dress leaning over a white laptop.


Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks.

-- Mike Resnick

Starbuck O'Shea said...

=twinkles= Well, it WAS fun. I should have been louder, instead of mumbling, 'cause then I might have got that penultimate MS from you. Ah well.

And it was good to see you again, Mike!

Looking forward to seeing you at WFC. :D