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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New policy for 2010...

Instead of shouting "A book, I have a new book in!" -- I will start saying just how full my schedule is. Less repetitive, eh?


  1. Deliver one proofread this month...
  2. ... And then start another, due early Feb.
  3. Visit Michigan and thus my niece, parents, aunt, cousins, and many friends.
  4. Attend ConFusion. That's up in Troy, where I used to live some years back, and north of Detroit. This is where a friend of long standing will get married. :D
So this month is pretty full. Hope your 2010 is starting off well!


Rachel said...

Yay for being busy! Do you ever check out "Screw You!" It's a blog on freelancing. I find her refreshing as she refuses to be someone who writes for those $5/article places and keeps me working for what I need to be working for. Here's a link to her recent blog:

Hope you have fun at Confusion!

ninja copy editor said...

Thanks, Rachel! :>

I haven't read that one, no. I'll have to try her sometime... now she's on my to-check list.

Thanks too for helping me out so much!