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Friday, January 29, 2010

Links: January

Locus Magazine is seeking interns.

Although I enjoyed being the runner and part-time law library clerk back in 1989... I realize now that I would have killed to be Locus' intern. Half my lifetime ago. :> They may not send you to a castle like my law firm did -- but you never know, they might.

Kid Goth: Neil Gaiman. :D 'Nuff said, right? Heh.

I agree that Coraline is creepier for adults, because I now have a serious phobia about button eyes, which I can honestly blame on Neil. I love him anyway; he's too nice a person for any other choice.

The WSNB needs YOUR help!

And I have somewhat of a personal interest, in that I have proofed two different ads for this book -- one ad's running in EV 20, and t'other ran in EV 19. Go forth and buy it! (I just did.) The cover art's lovely, BTW.

Charlie Stross on monetization, aka why Google is not my friend.
Cory Doctorow explains about new media in Close enough for rock 'n' roll.

Author Kage Baker is dying of cancer... and hasn't much longer. John posted about her in his miscellany, and Jeff VanderMeer has given contact info for reaching her. Please, if she matters to you, take a bit to write her. Today. Please.

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