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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Something to read..."

Paula Guran on the WSJ, which bewails the death of the slush pile.

My friend Jeremy talks about where his WiP are: Threepio?!?

M. Keaton tells how it used to be. :D

-- Considering that I was just looking up a certain kind of signature format... which I still haven't yet located... Anyone else who remembers pounding on typewriters, sing out.

Angry Robot sample chapters, Feb. 2010.

So do count this as a bit of entertainment along with whatever else. :> I won't be online much, barring email, while I'm out of town. Starting Thursday. Try not to break the InterWeb while I'm gone. ;d


Rachel said...

I remember typewriters. OH, I was SO happy when word processors came along, or typewriters with a one line memory. State of the art! *sigh* I remember sitting down to my first computer in college taking a class in programming. We were supposed to program a loop. I went through the steps repeatedly. It REFUSED to loop. I dropped the class. I had a DOS computer one place I worked that terrified me. I much preferred the dictaphone and the word processor. When I sat down in front of my first Mac computer, where I could actually figure out what to do with the blank screen, I fell in love.

Starbuck O'Shea said...

Back in 1987, I discovered my first Mac Classic. I nearly lived in the computer lab then.

Luckily, I only had one college semester of using Mom's typewriter.

I do remember trying to program an if-then loop that wouldn't stop. Which it wasn't supposed to do. That was on a C= PET.