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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


We have yard kittens.

This is good in that the home owner is deeply allergic and we cannot have indoor pets. And as a guest [also with allergies] pointed out, this is the best of both worlds -- cute cats whose dander does not affect the watchers!

Some scumbag dropped the kittens and their mothers off.  Weeks ago. I think originally there were two moms and their three kittens... because for a couple of days we only saw a fluffy gorgeous adult cat. One color from calico.

And then she vanished. Catnapped, ran away home, dunno.

I hope she's well, and not just because she was strikingly beautiful.

But the other mom stayed with the kittens. Two kits are fluffy, one matching the fluffy mom [no white/almost calico] and one black fluffy. Third kitten is a black shorthair.

The remaining mom is a gray tiger-tabby shorthair. She is young, not quite a teenage cat, but also not far from it either.

So yeah, I bought 'em kitten food... They're kittens, and it's not their cat-mom's fault she had stupid humans -- who couldn't get her fixed and couldn't be arsed to keep them all when the kittens were still not weaned.

Humans and their disposable attitudes toward pets. It's why feral cats are a problem. Feral dogs likely get caught more often, I suspect, or get hit by cars.

What will a future be like if someday that's what we're down to, eating feral cats and dogs? A very post-apocalypse problem. Of course, if we keep killing off all the other animals, that could very well happen.

Stupid short-sighted mortals... 

I'm a cat person, no surprise.  8)

I've been taking care of cats most of my life. When I was growing up, we always had outdoor cats.  It wasn't until I was in college that our cats had kittens, because the cats dropped off on our street were males.

We were always well supplied with cats, being on the first dirt road off the paved roads...

But I worry about these kittens and their mother.  Winter will be upon us soon.  We don't own the house, so we can't try taming the cats while it's still possible.

I'm not sure the mother would let us.  She trusted humans once; she trusts now that I'll feed her, but she's right in not knowing what else to trust me for.  Humans aren't tame, aren't safe.

Until we get this figured out, I get to watch them out the door wall.  To the kittens everything is a toy.

I do ponder catching them for a no-kill shelter.  I think the kittens aren't fully weaned yet, though... and I'm not sure they can be caught. Maybe in the first week they'd arrived -- back when the kittens hadn't a care in the world and merrily sat on the back steps, thumping obliviously against the door wall as they played.

They still play, chase bugs, and explore their world. Adorable little gits.

Pets are good for you, they say. Certainly watching them is good for me. 8) So is caring for them. One more blow against entropy, against stupidity; a paying-forward for cats I couldn't save or failed. For the fools who did this to them.


David Tallerman said...

I'm deeply jealous! All the cats near me are the most miserable, antisocial creatures imaginable. You're lucky if they scowl at you, let alone do anything cute and playful.

Starbuck O'Shea said...

Heh. These are as mercurial as all cats. Lately they were learning a little more to be wary, but not entirely, unlike their mother.

Sunday we began having frost nightly. Only one yard kitten appeared; poor baby, she looked like a little frozen zombie. I wanted to jump out and rescue her. 8(

I fed her -- i.e., I left food out, and watched from inside, being then persona non grata. And eventually little Fluffy stopped hanging numbly over the empty bowl and moved over to the (non-wet) bowl with food in it.

Today she was sitting by the food bowls, looking at the house, as numb as yestermorn. Yesterday I kept thinking fiercely "We HAVE to buy the house so I can get her inside!" even though that is not generally why one buys a house...

I hate her misery. I want to fix it! There is a reason I always hit the Champion aspect on the Kiersey Text. :b