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Monday, October 19, 2015

Health update. :)

I am doing better (despite Killer Bambi and parking lot) accidents.  That's the short version.  8)

Longer version is that I haven't been having frequent mini spasms in hands and/or cramps randomly all over.  This is because of MAT, which helps the body heal.

Since my MAT specialist and I just switched from weekly appointments to about every ten days, that's part of how I know I am healing.  Also the lack of the little spasms and random cramps.  The thing about chiropractic adjustments is that they are short-term solutions -- not bad, but they don't help with long-term care.

I've been having chiro for years now, so I feel qualified to say that.  There's also that multiple sessions of chiro never healed me during the worst of my spasms... while less than a year of MAT exercises gave me back more normal capacity.

I.e., the ability to carry things or even pick things up, let alone push something as simple as a shopping cart.

Heck, I remember when riding my bicycle to the library threw my spine out and I had spasms!  As far as I know, riding the bus will still do the same, which is why public transportation isn't an option for me.

I didn't have a chiro appointment last week.  I'd a webinar (thanks, Small Business Association!) and other things that interfered.  Since I've had problems with either poor care and on/off care with the chiropractors Molina offers me, I'm none too keen to continue with the choices I've had.

I should get adjusted this week, though, since my right hand's been numb a few times when I wake.  That's an old problem, not a new one, y'see.  It means "Hey you!  Get adjusted... or else."

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