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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Clave's this weekend!

October waxes, as does the Interweb.  Sigh.

The Sobering Saga of Myrtle the Manuscript.

Quality of slush pile items, a discussion on Absolute Write.

When in doubt, volunteer by Christie Yant.

A 2010 link collection post by Amanda Rutter; interesting in that it contains the 2010 online discussion about sexual harassment,* done by a former editor, among other things... but OT, there's the Mad Hatter on steampunk.

* For a lot of great advice about how to help anyone being harassed, ANYONE, read Brigid Keeley, who writes about this very topic.

ConClave is in mere hours!!  Bwahahah.

There will be plastic hands (e-NABLE), science, astronomy, webcomics, books, authors, Rocky Horror -- and Tom Smith in concert.  Also a repertory company and NaNo.

Really anticipating Clave, my friend M. Keaton (aka MK) is the Special Guest.  8)  His Clave chedule is here -- just the usual [!] 11 panels.  Nothing major.  =rolls eyes=  MK says this is because we don't run the writing workshop anymore and he has to keep busy.

I have a much briefer official schedule for Clave, although I plan to attend several of MK's panels,  The editing panel for sure.

My Clave schedule:
  • Fri 11pm  Warren...      BBC Sherlock
  • Sat 9pm   Rotunda...    Cabin Pressure
  • Sun 2pm  Dearborn...   Why Authors Can’t Stop Imitating Physics

These are all topics I suggested, and again I was more interested in my fandoms, I fear, than anything else.  But it's CON.  I'll have plenty of time for all the things, yes?  Maybe even some B5 discussion, since Allen and I have been rewatching s1 and s2 merrily too.

Hope to see you this weekend in Dearborn.  :D

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