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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Car roll call: mine.

My cars...

  • 1980-something Mustang 2 yrs.  (I remember it was supposed to be one thing, 1980-whatever, but it was something weird.  Somehow 1981/1983??)  I had my T-top Mustang 1987-1989.  Give or take a month.
  • 1989 Geo Metro, bought new:  just over 9 years.  (How I loved that Geo!)  Traded in 'Stang for Geo.  Needed a car that didn't have multiple oil leaks.
  • 2000 Chevrolet S-10, leased new in 2000:  2 yrs 9 mo.
  • 2003 Toyota Echo, leased new in 2003:  2 yrs 4 mo.  Toyota paid off my truck lease, quite happily -- but required a deposit, which I had not needed in 2000 with Chevy.
  • 1998 Toyota Corolla, used:  10 mo.  As of last September.  Formerly my mother's beloved car...  Slain by a deer this past June.

Now I have a 2005 PT Cruiser.  Acquired 31-July-2015.

Or I hope I do.  My PT was severely damaged yesterday when a young driver backed directly -- and quite fast -- into my PT.  In a parking lot.

My driver's door wouldn't open.  Nor would my driver's seat slide backward.  There is part of the frame/chassis curled into the front driver's wheel, just like a knife stabbing it.  So driving my car again was not an option.

Little things, like broken headlight, bumper, fender... are little.  The other three items are troubling me.

And also I ache.

(Yes, I'm angry too, but let's skip past that for now.  That horrible moment when you see someone about to do injury to your car, and the human body just cannot react as fast as eyesight:  excruciating.)

I'll know more later how things are with my own body, let alone my car's.  I don't think I was severely injured -- I've been in other accidents where some floop hit me -- and this feels much like that.  Future bruises coming up.

We'll see.  My new chiropractor is going to be surprised, poor guy.  Here we thought my first adjustment would last out the weekend!

Yeah, I sound calm now.  It hasn't been a fun Saturday at all.  Some little good things, but wow... this past afternoon was not on my fun list.

Hugs to you all.

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