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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The 2015 Hugos: diversity and Alfies.

The 2015 Hugo winners list at Locus, including the Campbell for Best New Writer.

Who is my AR author, Wes Chu.  :D

Well done, Wes!!  The Appliances triumph in their bid for world domination.  Their Robot Overlords will succeed.

SkyNet.  What more is there?

Ah... Moving on to Chuck Wendig's Hugo Recap post.  Man, I wanna buy some of Noah Ward's work too.  That dude sure won a LOT of Hugos (Chuck is so right, HIS WORK IS BRILL).


If you'd like to read the AU list of 2015 Hugo nominees, and see what awesome works were edged off the ballot, Toby Buckell has that for you.  His Congratulations Hugo Award Winners post is here.

We had two Hugo winners whose works were translated, the first Chinese author and the first Dutch author.  How cool is that??

I understand this is the first time ever!  8D

On translated works winning, that is.

As Toby says, this puts the world into Worldcon.  8)

Wired has a wicked brilliant piece about the Hugos, the background, the Alfies [!] that GRRM gave out, and why it all matters.  Do go read about why.

And Helsinki won the 2017 Worldcon bid!

So proud.  They worked like crazy.

Plus I want the Helsinki team's pretty shirt.  (They're using it for their Twitter icon, btw.)  I hope it's on sale soon... maybe after the sellers (Offworld Designs) get home from Sasquan.  I can hope, right?

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