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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Car news: good!

Good news from the body shop on my car!  When I spoke to a gentleman there Monday, he said the repair estimate was a few dollars shy of $1700.00.

This is great as I have owned my poor abus'd PT Cruiser not even a whole month.  Having the repairs be considerably less than its list price of $2995, huzzah.  FYI:  its low miles make my car worth rather more than that.  8)

Keep your fingers crossed, I pray you!

Now, in the list the man rattled off to me, I heard nothing about the tire.  Which perhaps they are just fixing as if it were a particularly bad flat.

But the front axle and/or tie rods want checking.  The latter because it was a job my long-suffering car had already required in the near future; not immediately, but soon.  I pointed this out to him.

The axle because my car was hit in its front left corner by a taller car.  And all the stuff he mentioned was external, from paint to bumper to fender...

That 2015 Impala's bumper just slid right over my 2005 PT Cruiser's bumper.  Another of the horrible problems of the new taller vehicles.  They gack up older cars so easily.  :/

But my agent said that the shop techs were taking a look inside today -- by which I presume they mean the engine, but I know not.

Here is editorial triage by copyeditcat (May 2014).  She includes the editor's oath off Copyediting, and Amy Einsohn's c/e manual.  8)  Pretty neat!

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